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Modern Chairs

Modani’s collection of chairs brings an assortment of unusual and eclectic styles either to the “table”, or to that area of your home you’ve designated as the sitting or lounge area. With the voluminous variety of dining chair and lounge chair designs served up by Modani Furniture, whether your style is elegant, classic, modern or free spirit, you are sure to find chair styles which complement your décor.

To arm or not to arm – that might be the question if deciding on the perfect choice of a dining chair for your new dining room. The more formal setting usually will give a nod toward an armchair, or at the very least, the placement of an armchair at the head and foot of the table. In this vein, Modani Furniture’s New Louis Armchair (White or Black) and the Black or Silver Croco Armchair are ideal choices. Both chairs embody elegance but with a modern flair.

The range is wide for armless chairs and one that best reflects a relaxed formality is the Flora Dining Chair (White or Black) with its lacy “tree” cut-out design on the chair’s back; New Louis Armless in Black and White is also one that is both formal and informal, and is also a great option as a dressing table/vanity table chair.

If your dining room is used as the home’s main eating area most of the time, less formal options are called for. The Oria Dining Chair (White or Black) and the Bellagio Dining Chair (Black, White or Brown) are two classic styles to consider. The Niero Armless possesses classic lines, with contemporary styling, as does the slightly narrower Nova Dining Chair.

A whimsical option in hi-tech dining chair or lounge chair seating is the Poly Chair, while the Shana chair offers a more casual mood. Both chairs exhibit versatility in that they are great options as desk chairs.

The Chesterfield Lounge Chair reflects the classic, formal lounge or sitting area chair, while the Savina Lounge Chair exudes a hi-gloss, dramatic sitting chair – its boxy shape invoking the Hollywood style.

The Space Chair or the Fabric or Leather Cocoon Chairs are ideal choices as reading chairs.
These chairs enclose the body for a cozy and relaxing sit.

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