What to look for in a modern office?

Posted on 14th October 2011 in Office

These days, designing a proper office with modern furniture is almost as critical as creating the right environment in your bedroom. With as much time as people are spending at their work or home office, taking the time to invest in comfortable modern office furniture is important. Improper seating and non-ergonomic desks can create not only a lot of back pain, but make you dread going to work because you purchased contemporary furniture that doesn’t work.

When purchasing modern office furniture there are a few things that you should consider before deciding which to buy to ensure your own comfort and to ensure the aesthetics of a room you could potentially spend hours inside of.

First, what are the different components that make up a modern day office? Typically the requirements haven’t changed much since people first began using offices to do work inside of. Everyone requires a chair as well as a desk as the cornerstone of the room.

The chair should be ergonomically designed so that your head is properly supported when necessary, the seat and back of the chair should be properly cushioned and shaped in a way that doesn’t have you sitting for hours in a strange position. You also want to make sure that the chair fits comfortably underneath the desk and isn’t a tight squeeze to get it under there.

The desk itself should be large enough to accommodate everything you need. Whether you use a laptop or a desktop computer, make sure you can spread out on the desk with enough room for your folders, pen holders, mouse, phone, printer and any other modern office furniture accessories you might require.

And while function of your contemporary office furniture is important, you also want it to be visually pleasing. When you want into your office, you may be looking for a modern, sleek yet elegant feel or a subtle, comfortable feel. Some want an edgy look to their modern office furniture and others want a more primitive country feel that pulls in those large ornate wooden desks with large chairs.

These days, people are trying to compress their lives, and that includes the office, so a smaller desk may be just what you need. These days, modern office furniture is sleekly designed with a smaller, more aesthetically pleasing look that allows you to create the modern office to fit your needs perfectly, especially when trying to create the right environment in your home office.

Contemporary furniture has evolved so much over the years that it has become so lightweight only one person is required to lift it. Lightweight, steel, chrome, fiberglass and metal desks are popular because the office may not seem as imposing as they once did when wood was the primary material for modern office furniture. Take the time to research the exact look you would like to recreate for your office and use these suggestions to create a comfortable environment.

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Tips on caring for your outdoor patio furniture

Posted on 13th October 2011 in Outdoor

You’ve just spent a fortune on designing the perfect backyard oasis at home and want to figure out how to protect your modern outdoor furniture. The new outdoor chairs around the outdoor table on the patio may be glistening in their newness now but if you don’t take care of the outdoor furniture, you will find that it isn’t as durable as well-maintained and cared-for furniture.

Just like your indoor furniture, you need to care for your outdoor sofas in order to keep them functional and looking nice. There are a variety of ways to care for your outdoor furniture. Here are a few tips to keep them clean.

1)      If you are going to be out of town and not using your designer outdoor furniture for a while, consider getting an outdoor shed to store them when not in use. Despite most modern furniture being water resistant, sun resistant and bug resistant, taking the opportunity to put your outdoor furniture indoors for an extended time is the best way to care for them. One example is the snowbirds that leave New York for the winter and travel to Miami. They tend to be gone for six months at a time from either location, so this would be an optimal time to store your outdoor tables and chairs as well as the cushions.

2)      If you store them, make sure they are dried out before you put them away otherwise you will return to find your outdoor furniture with mold and mildew and you will have to replace it completely after that.

3)      After every major use, you will definitely want to wipe your modern tables and chairs down. Your outdoor sofa should have the cushions taken off and wiped down carefully with a non-bleach cleanser and preferably a soft soap that is non-abrasive. Hose down the rest of the wood furniture, metal deck chairs or your resin wicker or synthetic rattan furniture. Using a strong pressured hose can help get dirt off especially after a major party or event outside, or even a storm that has gotten debris everywhere.

4)      Before you even buy the furniture, look for furniture material and cushions that are resistant to the elements. This will go a long way towards durability.

5)      Try to at least pull your furniture out of the shade in between uses to help keep the sun from cracking it over time. No matter how weather resistant your furniture might be, eventually the sun will begin drying it out. This will help lengthen the life span of your outdoor sofa and modern furniture.

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Decorating with minimalist styles and modern furniture

Posted on 12th October 2011 in Dining room

Decorating in the minimalist style is achieved when choosing modern or contemporary furniture for your home.  These styles embody clean lines, inviting drama and sophistication to come from other objects you may already possess, whether they be classic traditional, bohemian or eclectic.

When selecting modern furniture, consider two important elements of your space:  the amount of natural light the room enjoys and the expected use of the area.  All rooms of the house require seating, and that you’ve decided on modern furniture is important, as the non-structured component of this style offers a variety of seating.  Chrome or brushed aluminum legs are as likely for dining and kitchen tables and chairs.  Sectional sofas and chairs evoke a modern element in their mobility, a far cry from the heavy furniture from the past.  Movability is an important feature for example when considering furniture requirements for the entertaining or family room.  Seating can be moved around the room according to need, allowing seating by the computer, or for clustering in individual groups when entertaining. In addition, when one or two ottomans enter the mix, more seating is available.  Another “modern” feature is the lucrative storage provided in these pieces — keeping your space clutter-free of DVDs, video cassettes, etc., maintaining a clean, light environment.  The type of material is another another important factor – the modern look of tufted leather or textured fabric is visible in a variety of vibrant patterns and colors.

The minimalist theme continues with the accent tables – coffee tables and end tables should also be mobile and multi-functional.   Choosing end table cubes are playful and useful choice, and are available with a wooden top, perfect when needed as a tray, which can be lifted, revealing a storage bin.  The cube’s sides might also contain a pouch for magazines.

Lighting sources might very well be the most modern component; here track lighting or free standing lamps allow that all table space is reserved for small plates or cups, perhaps a book.

Painting the walls stark white continues a clutter-free perception.  Add color to the walls in the form of bright lithographs on one side; a large mirror on the opposite wall complements and expands the space.

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Modern furniture ideas for cooler weather

Posted on 11th October 2011 in Outdoor

As the warm summer breezes start turning, with a hint of coolness in them, it may be time to start packing in the outdoor deck furniture for a warmer option, especially if you live in a cold climate such as in New York.

While your outdoor patio furniture is nice to enjoy during the summer,  you might be looking for modern furniture for cool weather as the temperature begins dropping.  Sitting poolside isn’t as much an option anymore, though sitting by a nice fire outside might be nice if you have the space to safely build one.

However, many people who live in urban metro areas such as New York, or even Los Angeles, where it gets cold, but fires aren’t allowed due to dry climates don’t have access to land to build a fire, so you need to find modern furniture for cool weather that allows the owner and their friends and family to lounge comfortably during the winter when it is much colder.

How can people who live in New York create a modern furniture style designed for cool weather? Some things can be a change in color to fall colors than to winter brights such as red accessories or wall stickers. Another option is adding heating panels to your outdoor patio so you can sip cocktails over your outdoor table and lounge in modern patio chairs in relative comfort despite cool temperatures.

If you plan on staying indoors, a good way to keep guests comfortable around a single heat source such as a fireplace is to use a modern sectional sofa. Buy the couch in a basic color such as black or white and accent with your favorite color throws or blankets. Toss in a few comfortable pillows for behind your back and guests are ready to snuggle together during a cold winter evening. Don’t forget to add a shag rug for additional warmth, especially if you have tile floors which tend to be cold. Floor level heater vents might be worth the investment if you have a lot of company.

In addition to relaxing on a sectional sofa during the winter, look to gather around the dining room or kitchen with a hot bowl of stew. Look for a modern dining table for cool weather – warm wood tones mixed with traditional paintings or side consoles as additional buffet service. Use a crockpot to set up warm apple cider on a side table for guests who don’t want cocktails and look for a modern bench to store jackets and coats as people enter your home.

Get cozy in the bedroom with a modern bed for cold weather. Be inspired with a platform bed and layer with multiple blankets for an eclectic feel. Put a comfortable lounge chair near a bedroom fireplace or modern heater for a cozy reading nook. Look for ways to create warmth in your modern interior designs, and don’t be afraid to rotate out your furniture and accessories on a seasonal basis to create a different ambiance in your home.





Modern furniture stores online


When shopping for modern furniture stores online, you can find a wide variety of options available for you to choose from. With so many modern furniture stores online, how can you decide which one is best? There are many different factors you can look at to decide if the furniture store you are looking at is the one for you.

The first step is to really consider what type of furniture you are looking for. Are you looking for a contemporary bedroom set or for a chic sectional sofa for your living room? This may help you narrow down the online furniture store that you would be able to shop at since a store that only sells bedroom furniture may not work if you need a couch.

Then do your homework. Read online about the different furniture stores, opening up different web browsers to look at their products, designs and more. Take a careful look at the colors because they can make or break a design. Try to build a picture in your head of the final look so that you aren’t just haphazardly buying random pieces across the internet without trying to see how they will all work together.  You don’t want to end up with a bright purple storage box paired with a red sofa without even realizing it.

Draw your plan on paper before shopping online furniture stores and don’t be ashamed to compare prices across the board. If you are really looking for a modern, affordable but stylish online store for furniture, do your research and compare prices. You may be surprised at what you find.

And don’t forget to look for coupons, coupon codes and even Groupons for furniture – this is one way you can find a good deal when shopping online for furniture.

Some things you might not be able to find in a local store can be found online, especially if you are short on time or work during the day and need to shop at night from the comfort of your own home.

What type of furniture can be found online these days? Just about anything. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to decorate a bedroom, a living room, a dining room or even your outside patio you can find all the contemporary furniture you need online.

You can even find places that can build your entire room from large furniture pieces to modern accessories. Look for photos of designs that you like online and then build a room around those ideas.

These days, shopping online for modern furniture is as easy as that. And it’s even easier to find inspiration online for your design projects. By doing your research on designs, size, color and even the cost of modern furniture, you can end up with an amazing deal from an online furniture store. Even if you don’t live in a large metro area such as New York, Los Angeles or Miami where access to a variety of furniture is easy, you can find quality furniture stores online that will make your house look just as nice.

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The selection of the living room furniture is an important decision for any home owner

Posted on 10th October 2011 in Living Room

The selection of living room furniture is an important decision for any homeowner as it might probably be the most used space in the home. Your furniture hunting, without a doubt, should factor in how the room will be used.  If the room will be used for formal entertaining, the tv and computer will be absent, leaving more space for seating, coffee tables, artwork, etc., as well as the entertainment system for music, a CD or record collection.  However, if your living room will be a hubbub of activity, an entertainment unit, computer and tv will reside among seating, chairs and a coffee table.

Choosing contemporary living room furniture is a practical choice: it contains clean lines and at once can offer sophistication, drama and warmth. Combining modern styles with bohemian, classic traditional or eclectic accessories you already own, kicks up the look a notch.

Sectional sofas and chairs can be an important component for both formal and family living rooms.  The seating can be moved around the room according to need, allowing seating by the computer, and can also be clustered in groups for entertaining.  Tufted leather ottomans provide additional seating and are available with storage capacity, keeping DVDs, video cassettes, etc. out of sight when not in use.  The living room space should maintain a clean, light environment.  Fabric will be an important factor – leather and soft fabric are available in a variety of vibrant patterns and colors.

Following the example of your seating, keep the coffee tables and/or end tables mobile and multi-functional.  End table cubes with a wood table top are a great option, and can be used as a tray with cup holders and might also contain a hidden storage compartment.  The cube’s sides might offer a pouch for magazines.

Track lighting or free-standing lamps enable table space reserved for a holding small plates or glasses, some books, and free from a lighting source.

White walls, extend the clutter-free environment; one or two lithographs can offer color; a large mirror expands the space.

Living room furniture is an investment, a purchase expected to last for several years.  Be sure to work with reputable furniture stores.  Among these options are mass market and major retail establishments, furniture chain stores and lifestyle retail stores.  Add to the mix that many of the retail stores maintain a presence online, and there are many more furniture sources online.  Whether your purchase is made at retail or online, investigate return policies, delivery dates and shipping charges.  Don’t be shy about asking questions before you make your purchase – the best surprise is no surprise when your furniture ultimately arrives at your door.

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Where to find modern living room furniture

Posted on 7th October 2011 in Living Room

In choosing the best store to purchase modern living room furniture, a consumer has a host of possibilities in both the retail and online environments.  Just be sure to plan your furniture needs in advance.  It will also be helpful to keep a file of photos reflecting what your ideal is, so that you can plan accordingly.

The clean lines of modern or contemporary furniture offer drama and sophistication – easily blended with eclectic or classic pieces you already own.  Quality, functionality and practicality should be factored into your budget. That you’ll be “living” with your living room furniture for a considerable amount of time, makes it all the more imperative to calculate your budget, the space the furniture will occupy and how the room is intended to be used.

A major purchase such as living room furniture should be conducted with a company with an established reputation for quality and reliability, whose clear and concise policies covering returns, damage, shipping delays, and other important customer service issues are readily accessible to customers.  Major department stores, local and national furniture store chains, lifestyle brands chains, etc. are your best choices, ensuring you that they are the authorized dealer for the contemporary brands you are searching for.

Visiting furniture showrooms can make easy business of putting a room together, as all of the pieces are displayed and grouped accordingly.  The room models are also completely accessorized, visually incorporating color, carpet, lighting, seating and tableware.  Once you have narrowed down the furniture you are interested in purchasing, get a firm answer from the salesman about what’s in stock and when delivery will take place.  In the same manner, online furniture shopping advises the customer if an item is “in stock” as well as the expected ship dates.

Online furniture websites offer virtual environments, allowing the customer to put a room together, or “shop” a particular look.  Comparing prices, availability and shipping among several stores is much more manageable online – with the benefit of shopping a la carte, and introducing you to more ideas and possibilities.

The right modern furniture store is the shopping experience which meets your needs and your expectations.

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Why Buy Modern Furniture for your modern office?

Posted on 6th October 2011 in Office

Though today’s modern office is more streamlined, less really can mean more.  A uncluttered space reflects more light and increased mobility for both the occupant and her office tools, adding up to more and better productivity.

Technology is primarily responsible for the shift in modern office designs.  The immobile desktop computer and printer required miles of wires and coveted desk space, which tended to create a cluttered and unorganized work station.  A modern office is virtually absent of wires.  Lap tops and mobile smart phones, along with wireless printers are portable, allowing the worker and his office to be completely mobile.  And for those times when it is necessary to work from the office is required, the lap top needs a Wi-Fi connection and a small table to rest.

The banker’s office of the past decorated with dark, heavy furniture, heavy draperies in a room devoid of sunlight, reflected a brooding atmosphere.  The beauty of modern office desks, chairs and conference tables are seen in the sexy, sleek steel frame designs or shiny chrome.  Lacquer, chrome, brushed steel or light wood veneers are available for desks, chairs and tables.  Conference tables of tempered glass continue the light, open feel.  Ergonomic chairs are anything but rigid, providing comfort to the worker when sitting for long periods.  Desks no longer require the worker to sit, and can be adjusted for the desired heights, for those workers who prefer standing to sitting.

Shelving units can also capture the light and airy contemporary look when manufactured from steel frames with lacquered wood shelves.  Accessories such as filing cabinets match the look, a far cry from the old fashioned metal institutional cabinets of yesteryear.


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The choice of modern dining furniture

Posted on 5th October 2011 in Dining room

This should be an easy choice. With so many wonderful and interesting modern furniture designs to choose from, the only limits are your imagination. Looking to live in today’s design world, go modern!

Unlike the traditional dining room sets of the past where everything had to match and the wood needed to be protected by some pretty ugly furniture pads, our dining rooms need to be alive and breathing. Flexible and creative, mix and match is the way to go keeping in mind the practical considerations to make the room function efficiently.

Long, rustic styled dining room tables fit into a more natural lifestyle. East to take care, it transitions well from homework location in the afternoon to full sit down eating at night. Zen styling is in keeping with this providing for comfortable and restive modern furniture designs. With simple, clean minimalist lines, the basic tenets of modern design, it incorporates style with a minimum of fuss leaving you more time to enjoy your family. Look for quality, well made pieces that will last for several generations.

Since putting the best china and crystal on display in the dining room is not such a high priority any more, look for innovative ways to keep dishes you use all the time within handy reach. Modern furniture design is notable because of its acknowledgement that form and function need to work together. An Italian sideboard can provide a convenient place to store silverware and table linens as well as providing a top perfectly suited for a buffet.

Floor to ceiling wall units can also provide a great solution for adding architectural detailing, provide storage, act as a wall divider or simply add a punch of visual drama. Theatre in the dining room is always appreciated so including perhaps a Victorian styled mirrored armoire creates a visual splash at the same time making the room appear more open. There is nothing like candles or lights reflecting off of mirrors to activate a space.

Dining room chairs can be mixed for a pleasant, relaxing feel. A bunch of chairs all lined up exactly the same screams “at attention” rather than “sit and stay awhile”. We want our family and friends to be at home in our home so be sure you are sending out the right message. If you have the room adding a modern sectional sofa nearby can add a wonderful link to conversation groups between rooms as well as providing additional seating.



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Tips on bedroom and modern bedroom furniture

Posted on 4th October 2011 in Bedroom

Life can be hectic, with demands on our time. Take a minute to slow down and re-examine the living spaces in your home. Are they providing you the comfort and nurturing that you need? Probably one of the first things to do is to de-clutter. The stuff of our lives, even of the most organized person, has a tendency to creep up on us and suddenly it is out of control. Organize what is essential from what is not. If you don’t need it; recycle it, reuse it or donate it.

Now that that is done, pay particular attention to your bedroom. Of all of the rooms you need to provide a respite from your busy life, it is this room. Once you have organized and straightened out closets, look at what you are sleeping on every night.

Your bedroom should have a quality mattress that makes you feel refreshed and energized in the morning. If this is not the case, then maybe it is time for a new mattress. One way to insure that you are getting the support you need is to invest in a modern furniture platform bed. With clean lines, it provides a solid foundation as well as great styling. If you are considering making this change in your bedroom, look around at how the rest of your room fits together.

All too often, we decorate our rooms piecemeal and end up with a cluttered look even when the “stuff” of life has been tucked away. Trade a bunch of small tables, bookcase and dressers for one or two larger pieces. They are actually more practical while calming the room down. Your eyes will rest rather than dart around the room.

An Italian styled armoire can be a great place to store a television, clothing and miscellaneous personal items. With its highly lacquered surface, it catches the outdoor sunlight and can make a room sparkle. Adding a large dresser can store additional clothing as well as provide a spot for a cherished photo and a spirit lifting potted plant. Another idea is to include a modern wall unit. Here, is the ideal spot to display books, personal finds and store everyday items in decorative baskets and bowls. A television mounted on the wall can easily be integrated into this as well concealed by doors, a sliding picture or even curtains. Your modern bedroom furniture is only limited by your imagination.


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Points to consider of visiting modern style furniture stores

Posted on 3rd October 2011 in Kitchen

Magazines and catalogs are an easy, relaxing way to peruse the latest modern furniture designs. Going online definitely also has some big advantages providing for searching out the best deals and checking dimensions against the real ones you will have to live with in your own home. Set to accommodate your schedule, there is no worrying about when the store is open or closed. But is it really the same?

How can you really know how comfortable that great looking modern sofa really feels? You can imagine that the sleek, classically elegant white Italian dining room set would simply glisten in your dining room but only when you are standing there in a modern furniture showroom can you experience this first hand.

Modern furniture designers are always striving for the perfect marriage between form and function. It must look great. It must feel great.

Color is an important consideration as well. While any good modern furniture store will send you fabric swatches to help you decide upon the perfect cover for your modern sofa sectional, viewing it up close and paired off with other colors, furniture and accessories just might get your creative juices glowing in ways you didn’t expect. Be sure to stay open to inspiration. Stay grounded with a budget and dimensions prepared ahead of time. There is nothing more disappointing than being swept off your feet with an incredible piece of truly innovative furniture only to find that there really is no room for it in your home.

Another important consideration in visiting a modern furniture store is the ability to ask questions. While most of us shy away from sales associates feeling they will pressure us into buying, they can be a resource to explain the specifics of the different furniture as well as identify the different styles in the store. Looking for Scandinavian, Zen, Italian, contemporary, minimalist or Baroque; any good modern furniture showroom will have collections showcasing the best of these styles. Here you can mix and match in your imagination, perhaps juxtaposing elements you might not have previously considered.

Pay attention to the quality of the materials and construction. You want to buy pieces that will last. Ask about the store’s guarantees as well as their delivery options. A beautiful modern light fixture can easily be transported home but an impressive over scaled mirror just might need a professional’s handling.

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