10 tips to choose your patio furniture

Posted on 18th July 2011 in Outdoor

Buying furniture for your patio can be a big decision to make, especially if you are splurging and buying designer furniture for your outdoor area.  Choosing the right colors, styles, designs should be a carefully made decision to ensure that your patio furniture lasts. Here are ten tips to help you choose your modern patio furniture.

1)      The number one rule for any interior design project is measure, measure, measure. This is key to ensure you work with the space you have not the outdoor design you are building inside your head. We all have a bit of a fantasy space to design in, but measurements and layout is key to everything.

2)      Look for colors that contrast your backyard nicely. If you have big bold yellow flowers, than perhaps a turquoise outdoor sofa or modern love cap would be a nice contrast to create a vibrant patio area.

3)      What materials are you using in your patio furniture? Options available include metal, plastic, wood and even a synthetic rattan that is highly durable. Weigh each of the options for material carefully. Each has its benefits but one may appeal more to you than others. Metal may be easier to clean than other materials, but may rust easier if not properly coated. Wood deck chairs with padded cushions are nice looking, but not be as comfortable or durable as rattan. Rattan is highly weather resistant and durable, so holds up well.

4)      Decide how many seats you will need at a minimum. Large family? Try to accommodate more outdoor chairs on your patio.

5)      Make sure to incorporate modern lighting into your outdoor patio furniture setup otherwise you will just be sitting there in the dark.

6)      Looking for something different such as a love cap or outdoor bed? Make sure the cushions are well made with zippered covers to protect them from the elements.

7)      Try to have a place to store the furniture during the winter (or summer) months when you are away from your home to keep the sun from fading the patio furniture.

8)      Keep a storage box on your patio to keep random odds and ends found outside, whether it’s a pool toy, sunscreen or other outdoor products.

9)      Look for umbrellas to offer protection in the sun, not only for you, but also for your new designer patio furniture.

10)   Compare prices when shopping. There are many affordable patio furniture options out there – just take the time to look.

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