How to Care for Your sectional sofa

Posted on 17th August 2011 in Living Room

Finding a great modern sectional sofa is the fun first half and keeping it in great shape is the second half. With a few tips and suggestions, the perfect modern sectional sofa should be around for years to come providing a relaxing and inviting place for family and friends to gather and share.

The beauty part about a sectional sofa is its versatility. It can be put together to provide a gathering spot for a crowd or it can be separated into smaller more intimate groupings. If you are keeping the pieces primarily as a larger grouping, be sure to pull them apart on occasion when cleaning. The stuff of everyday life has an insidious way of finding resting spots in nooks and crevices. If these are not cleaned out on a routine basis it can cause permanent staining and deteriorate the quality of the finish. Particularly harmful is anything with an acidic base so lemon juice, wine and the like can be particularly harmful especially on wood surfaces. Be sure to vacuum in between the small spaces to get out any residual crumbs.

When spills do occur be sure to clean them up right away. Modern furniture has stain resistant surfaces. This can range from water and stain repellant fabric finishes to easy to wipe up surfaces. Taking the time to address it immediately avoids stains from setting and becoming permanent. When choosing modern furniture be sure to pick pieces that work with your lifestyle. Besides stain resistant and water repellant finishes, sections are also available in leather which might be an easier to care for surface. With the application of leather oil rubbed in once a month, it offers a low maintenance solution that works well with kids and pets as well as providing for classic modern good looks.

Take the time to switch sectional pieces around to even the wear and tear on the individual pieces. We all seem to find a favorite spot usually shared by everyone else in the family. Moving this piece around will minimize the wear on any one piece. This will keep the modern sectional sofa looking fresh and new looking for a long time.

Pay attention to the underside of the sectional sofa as well. Vacuuming here as well is important. Look at the supporting legs, an element often overlooked and apply furniture polish or cleaner as need to keep your modern sectional sofa looking as great as the day you brought it home.






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