Tips on bedroom and modern bedroom furniture

Posted on 4th October 2011 in Bedroom

Life can be hectic, with demands on our time. Take a minute to slow down and re-examine the living spaces in your home. Are they providing you the comfort and nurturing that you need? Probably one of the first things to do is to de-clutter. The stuff of our lives, even of the most organized person, has a tendency to creep up on us and suddenly it is out of control. Organize what is essential from what is not. If you don’t need it; recycle it, reuse it or donate it.

Now that that is done, pay particular attention to your bedroom. Of all of the rooms you need to provide a respite from your busy life, it is this room. Once you have organized and straightened out closets, look at what you are sleeping on every night.

Your bedroom should have a quality mattress that makes you feel refreshed and energized in the morning. If this is not the case, then maybe it is time for a new mattress. One way to insure that you are getting the support you need is to invest in a modern furniture platform bed. With clean lines, it provides a solid foundation as well as great styling. If you are considering making this change in your bedroom, look around at how the rest of your room fits together.

All too often, we decorate our rooms piecemeal and end up with a cluttered look even when the “stuff” of life has been tucked away. Trade a bunch of small tables, bookcase and dressers for one or two larger pieces. They are actually more practical while calming the room down. Your eyes will rest rather than dart around the room.

An Italian styled armoire can be a great place to store a television, clothing and miscellaneous personal items. With its highly lacquered surface, it catches the outdoor sunlight and can make a room sparkle. Adding a large dresser can store additional clothing as well as provide a spot for a cherished photo and a spirit lifting potted plant. Another idea is to include a modern wall unit. Here, is the ideal spot to display books, personal finds and store everyday items in decorative baskets and bowls. A television mounted on the wall can easily be integrated into this as well concealed by doors, a sliding picture or even curtains. Your modern bedroom furniture is only limited by your imagination.


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An overview of modern bedroom furnishings

Posted on 28th September 2011 in Bedroom

Our bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and one of the most private. Here we retreat to rest and recharge, prepare for the next day and just have a quiet moment to ourselves. Our bedroom should reflect those needs and provide with abundance. In a world where life perhaps moves a little too fast and seems cluttered with endless “to do’s’, we need this space to be as special to us as we are.

Purchasing a bed that is comfortable speaks to our sense of modern styling setting the tone for the rest of the room.  There is no need to buy just any bed as there are so many stylish choices. Zen provides clean, natural lines. Minimalist works best with just about everything and Baroque can add a bit of theatre which can be very relaxing. Modern furniture designers are known for their sometimes whimsical and humorous use of materials, colors and forms to provide for the basics of function while creating an imaginative form.

Once the bed is selected, follow this with an ample dresser; one large is better than two small. Bedrooms are typically smaller than other rooms in a house so a few larger pieces rather than a bunch of smaller pieces will look more at home and create a sense of openness.

Adding a chair or an ottoman provides a convenient landing spot as well as adding a more storage. Color and accessories are the elements in the bedroom that create the ambience you are looking for. When selecting accessories be sure you have included adequate and available lighting as well as adding flexibility.

Consider a modern wall unit that can easily accommodate a television as well as electronic equipment, books, personal items and storage for the small stuff of everyday life that we would rather hide behind some decorative doors. Be sure to include some reflective elements to add a bit of sparkle o the room.

This can be accomplished by including a mirror or a series of mirrors. Reflections in a space are an intriguing way to juxtapose items together that are not physically together but rather in reflection create an interesting relationship. Another way to add some sparkle is to include some throw pillows that have been decorated with beads or metallic accents. Of course, adding candles is an easy and effective way to complete a special personal retreat.



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How to Choose the Most Suitable furniture For each bedroom

Posted on 22nd September 2011 in Bedroom

Modern bedroom furniture setEach and every bedroom has a unique user. For adults, the kids, the guest bedroom, each room’s needs are different so when looking for suitable furniture consider both the immediate and long-term use of the furniture so you can enjoy your modern furniture purchases for years to come.

First, choose pieces for their style, their quality of materials and construction and for their durability. Style can be whatever appeals to you and mixing things up a little is refreshing keeping a room from looking dated. Modern furniture style is contemporary and works well with just about every kind of bedroom need. Designed with both form and function as equally important qualities, you are sure to find modern furniture pieces that will enhance each kind of bedroom.

A nursery is perhaps the one room that needs the most attention to both present and future needs. A crib that can grow up with the child is best. This provides the kind of flexibility you want to look for. This saves having to buy again as well encourages buying high quality to begin with. A sign of quality modern furniture design is being able to pass it down from generation to generation. Most modern furniture designers pride themselves on producing well made furniture that adds a distinct design element in your home. A dresser is essential in a nursery.

In the children’s bedrooms, while attention should be paid to providing the basics, a bed and a dresser, don’t forget a night stand, one will do, and a place to do homework. Having a big, comfy chair to sit in while listening to music or talking on the phone, makes their space fun and more livable, an essential. Italian furniture with its wonderful laminate surfaces repels dirt and makes keeping their room looking new and fresh a whole lot easier.

An adult bedroom should include space for resting or dressing such as a modern two seater sofa or an oversized modern chair. It should also include a modern television stand that can second as a handy storage cabinet. Adults will also probable want a night table on either side of the bed as well as a place to store some books or an extra pillow. Consider buying a platform bed that includes handy storage drawers under the base of the bed.

Lastl, the guest bedroom needs are the same as the adults. Be sure to include some accessories and some wall art to give it a touch of personality.


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Tips on the Bedroom and Modern Bedroom Furniture.

Posted on 20th September 2011 in Bedroom

Perhaps this should start with a few golden rules. First, do not match everything in a room. While sometimes a packaged deal can be great, it may be best to take the time to find the different pieces of furniture you like. If you start with what you like and then repeat tying in a particular element such as a color, texture, pattern etc. you will be successful.

Second, when selecting the style of the furniture, look to modern furniture as offering the most value for the most design appeal. With so many different styles to select from like Baroque, minimalist, eclectic, Zen, Italian and Scandinavian, it is fun to visit a local modern furniture showroom and see the styles upfront. You just might surprise yourself by being as equally intrigued with a Baroque hallway table as an Italian armoire. Keep your options open.

Third, be sure to look for quality and a high level of craftsmanship. Textiles as well should be sun and stain resistant. No one wants a high maintenance piece of furniture no matter how beautiful.

Fourth, when you plan out how you will decorate a room avoid the urge to line furniture up along the wall. Just as the first impression reminds you more of a warehouse rather than a home, this kind of stiffness in design is also hard to live with. You can’t around any of the pieces and cleaning gets to be more difficult. Modern furniture designers go to great lengths to design for both great styling as well as practical, easy to use features. It almost makes a room feel stuffy. Pulling the modern furniture away from the wall allows the room to feel like it can breathe.

So, with these basic rules in mind, the bed does not always need to be in the middle of the room. It can be off center or angled to a corner. One of your practical considerations is the windows in the room as well as space on either side of the bed for a night stand.

Another point to consider is how much time you spend in your bedroom and especially if you watch television as well. Including a modern wall unit with hideaway doors for the television and any other electronics keep the room from looking overtaken with wires and miscellaneous. Rooms are the most restful when clutter is minimized and in a bedroom this is particularly important.


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Purchasing kid’s furniture can seem incredibly difficult to parents at times

Posted on 9th September 2011 in Bedroom

Why is it so easy to pick a comfortable modern sofa and our new dining room table with aplomb yet faced with the prospect of purchasing our kid’s furniture can leave us with a bit of trepidation. Perhaps it is because we want well made long lasting quality modern furniture with great modern styling and our kids want, well just great modern styling.

The problem is that not all modern furniture is made equal so first and foremost look for quality made modern furniture that the store will stand behind. This should include keeping your financial information private, knowledgeable and friendly store associates and convenient delivery times and terms. In case there should be a problem you can be confident that your concerns will be handled efficiently and satisfactorily.

Since the kids are only looking at the sizzle and you are also looking for the steak, find a modern furniture store that you feel comfortable with and look for the best in both form and function.

It is okay to have a neon pink dresser complete with mirrored details. While this may seem a bit over the top, take your kids with you and explore other modern furniture styles that can compliment this piece. Paired with an all white Baroque armchair with perhaps a well known person’s face on it and an all black Zen bed starts to spell out some pretty interesting color and style relationships. Adding modern accessories to this can create a great place for a kid to be. Add some practical storage and a convenient study area and you have all the makings of furniture making the child’s room. Be sure to let your kids add the final personal touches. This is what makes their space their own. As these are the least expensive as well, changing these around and out once in awhile keeps the room feeling fresh and up-to-date.

The bottom line is when purchasing children’s furniture, think practical, durable and flexible. While some furniture is cute in miniature scale unless you have several children, it’s use will be limited having to be replaced with bigger furniture as they grow. There are so many modern furniture options that this should not be necessary. Including your child in the selection process will also help in getting an idea what they like as well as properly judging the quality and safety features. Children are really good at testing durability ensuring that you make a wise and sound investment when purchasing modern furniture.




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Choosing the correct bedroom furniture can help improve their students study habits

Posted on 30th August 2011 in Bedroom

Now that school has started in most parts of the country, it is time to reassess our children’s rooms and make sure that they have the right bedroom furniture that promotes the best study habits. School is vital to the success of our young generation and with more competition for their attention and time because of outside interests and activities, maximizing their study time is critically important.

Most children shirk away from doing homework and would prefer to do just about anything else except get lost in a good textbook or write a thoughtful report. With their natural inclination toward activity rather than sitting quietly for several hours the key is to make the environment for studying as comfortable and as personal as possible. The more successful you are in creating an environment that the child will enjoy being in the more successful you will be in getting your child to actually sit down  and study. The more they study the better they will do, makes sense.

When including bedroom furniture, keeping a television out of the room is probably a first good start. It can be distracting and an all too tempting diversion. Establish a place that is designated as a study spot. Modern wall units can include a desk and drawers that allows for easy and convenient storage of pencils and paper. Be sure to keep any items that would normally be used within handy reach, the less reasons to get up and wander around, the better. A comfortable modern swivel chair designed with proper ergonomics will provide a fun and healthy seat for concentrating.

Lighting is the key to providing the proper light for working without straining their eyes. Be sure to include both overhead lighting as well as task lighting. The controls should be within easy reach to allow for adjustments without having to continuously stop and start.

A good bed is essential to providing a sound, restful sleep. Choose a stylish modern bed with drawers underneath to store extra blankets, pillows and perhaps a book or two. Since enjoying their bedroom is pivotal to successful studying include a leather storage ottoman nearby that can hold their backpack ready for the next morning as well as serve as an extra sitting spot or a great place for some reference books while doing a report. Look to the great function and minimal style of modern furniture design for a comfortable and fun place to form lifelong good study habits.






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Choosing the Right Bedroom Furniture

Posted on 25th August 2011 in Bedroom

The idea of starting from scratch in our home or in any space that we spend a lot of time in is a not as difficult as it sounds. The best way to do this is to literally empty the room and then stand back and do an assessment of the space.

How does this room function? How should it function? The next question to ask is, are there changes that need to be made to the room itself? This would be the perfect time to seal any cracks in the walls or the ceiling. Try to include some simple energy saving measures by placing outlet seals made specifically for electrical and light switches. Weather stripping around your windows would be another great idea for controlling air infiltration. High quality modern furniture will last longer in rooms where air temperature and humidity are maintained at a constant level so these tips will really help.

Repainting with a low VOC paint will freshen the room and avoid those nasty smells associated with yesterday’s typical paints. Available in a wonderful range of colors, try using at least two colors to add depth to the room. An interesting technique is to paint the ceiling a slightly lighter color than the walls or a dark shade. Modern furniture plays well against both visual techniques. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. It is just paint. Not satisfied, try again with another color scheme. Be sure to take into account the natural daylight that is available in the room as well as night shadows.

Keep the flooring simple with an easy to maintain floor. Carpets hold dust and dirt so if you like the soft surface under your feet, try a modern oversized rug. It can add a design punch as well as providing for ease of maintenance and can be exchanged for a different one for a fresh look.

The modern bedroom furniture should be selected with quality and modern furniture design style in mind. Include a Zen inspired side table next to the bed. A mirrored contemporary dresser will add sizzle to the space as well as providing for a feeling that the bedroom is bigger than it is. A Baroque armchair is a perfect addition for both practical and fun function. Try not to clutter the room with a lot of little accessories especially at the floor level. A few well chosen pieces with Zen, eclectic or Scandinavian styling will serve you well for a bedroom that is relaxing and all your own.

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Bedroom Furniture – Modern guide to buying outdoor furniture

Posted on 8th August 2011 in Bedroom, Outdoor

With our nationwide return to an appreciation of nature and the outdoors, it is not surprising that we are blurring the lines between the inside and the outside of our home and office spaces. Breathing in clean fresh air first thing in the morning can make anyone’s day and watching the stars twinkle overhead at night is a peaceful and introspective experience. With this wonderful hammock feeling of bridging two worlds at the same time, take the time to find just the right modern furniture pieces that make this happen.

Usually when we consider what is appropriate for the bedroom we first think of the traditional bed with two night stands and a dresser. While this is functional and defines what is typically expected maybe we could explore changing this around just a little bit. So the easiest way to go about doing this is to consider the last time we drifted off to sleep and what it made it so relaxing. Falling asleep in an outside canopied bed with a gentle breeze flowing through and the smell of the warm summer air lulled us to sleep like nothing else. This same kind of wonderful experience can be included into your bedroom. Modern furniture with its high quality and minimalist lines can be the perfect source for including just such a bed in your bedroom. If you are lucky enough to have sliding patio doors or a skylight open them up and sleep under the stars with the night’s cool breeze gently lulling you to sleep.

Modern outdoor furniture can also be included as a night table with tempered glass tops. Translucent materials make any space appear lighter and more open. Adding pieces that are white adds to the overall feeling of the space of being ethereal and dreamlike, essential for uninterrupted nights of rest.

A large oversized rattan chair or loveseat can easily accommodate two and create both a great functional space as well as a place to curl up and savor the end of your day. With natural materials that coordinate well with any modern furniture piece consider mixing and matching pieces. Just as the inside and outside are becoming one so can the seemingly different styles available in modern furniture become a harmonious whole.

Exploring the possibilities of modern furniture design and modern outdoor patio furniture expands our horizons and gives us a whole new perspective on what is acceptable bringing the best of both the inside and outside together.



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Ideas to choose your contemporary furniture store

Posted on 29th July 2011 in Bedroom

So busy are you looking for new furniture with camera, notepad and tape measure in hand that you forgot to utilize some of your resources around you. When you are shopping around, pay attention how each store treats you as you enter. They should greet you upon entry and offer their assistance without being pushy. Usually as customers we react shrinking away lest we get in the clutches of the sales help. Perhaps the key word here is help. They are here to assist you both to help explain the layout of the store as well as guide you to possible ideas, combinations of pieces and perhaps even some solid suggestions about how your troublesome spot in the living room can be resolved. They know their inventory so perhaps letting them provide the assistance they are suppose to can be advantageous as well as a great time saver for you in your hunt for the perfect modern furniture.

While modern furniture is a broad term with so many different designers underneath this umbrella, get to know the names and look for their styles. Want to be a trendsetter? Following designers you like allows you to be in on the latest additions to their lines. Contemporary furniture stores should provide for a customer based email list to keep you abreast of the latest in styles and trends. In this way you stay informed about what is going in the world of modern furniture and can get in on early specials they might be running.

Of course, while visiting stores you will find your favorite store because they will always seem to have displays that mix and match new ideas in innovative ways. As you stand there caught by some idea, it triggers ways you can bring this home and make it your own. Knowing that it works in a store display can also give us the confidence to explore ideas in ways we might have been reticent to try on our own. If anything is true about modern furniture is that it is hard to push the envelope of design protocol too far. Fresh and edgy is part of the language for modern furniture so it is almost one of those you just can’t get it wrong. Isn’t it nice to know that when speaking the language of modern furniture, the skies the limit so explore. The right store knows this and embraces this attitude.


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Shopping Tips For Modern Furniture

Posted on 19th July 2011 in Bedroom

When shopping for modern furniture, there are a lot of options out there that you can consider, so do your homework, especially if you live in a large metro area such as New York, Miami or Los Angeles where contemporary furniture stores are in abundance.  When shopping for a new furniture store, what are some clues that you are in the right place?

1)      You walk into the store and just feel right at home. The salespeople are amazingly friendly, the furniture is just your style and you are satisfied with the quality of the modern furniture in the showroom.  Even if you are shopping online, you know when you are in the right place, so go with your instincts.

2)      Take the time to plan your furniture purchase. While shopping at random can be fun (or therapy), you will be much happier with the results if you take the time to plan the design of your living room, bedroom or dining room. Measure, study colors, look at inspirational designs, whatever you need to do to plan, but make sure you don’t skip this step, especially on a major project.

3)      Look for a modern furniture store that offers interior design consultations for free. This will help you create just the right look for your new living room with a touch of expertise from a modern interior designer.

4)      Don’t be afraid to have at least one item in a bright, bold color. Even if it’s only a small statue, that little splash of color will cheer you up at times and give a vivid focal point to the room for guests to check out.

5)      Take the time to price shop and compare prices to find a modern affordable set of contemporary furniture for your modern home. While searching for the best price may take time, it will be worth it when you find just the right sectional sofa you need at a 50 percent discount!

6)      Despite price shopping, make quality a priority. Look for a rich Italian leather for your contemporary furniture such as a sectional sofa. See3k out a soft pillow or throw for the love seat and find a plush outdoor chair for your patio so you can lounge in comfort. You’ll be glad you splurged.

7)      Don’t forget to look at accessories and not just the larger pieces such as the bed, couch or dining table. Look for candleholders, wall stickers, paintings and more to add modern accents to your room.

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