Decorating with minimalist styles and modern furniture

Posted on 12th October 2011 in Dining room

Decorating in the minimalist style is achieved when choosing modern or contemporary furniture for your home.  These styles embody clean lines, inviting drama and sophistication to come from other objects you may already possess, whether they be classic traditional, bohemian or eclectic.

When selecting modern furniture, consider two important elements of your space:  the amount of natural light the room enjoys and the expected use of the area.  All rooms of the house require seating, and that you’ve decided on modern furniture is important, as the non-structured component of this style offers a variety of seating.  Chrome or brushed aluminum legs are as likely for dining and kitchen tables and chairs.  Sectional sofas and chairs evoke a modern element in their mobility, a far cry from the heavy furniture from the past.  Movability is an important feature for example when considering furniture requirements for the entertaining or family room.  Seating can be moved around the room according to need, allowing seating by the computer, or for clustering in individual groups when entertaining. In addition, when one or two ottomans enter the mix, more seating is available.  Another “modern” feature is the lucrative storage provided in these pieces — keeping your space clutter-free of DVDs, video cassettes, etc., maintaining a clean, light environment.  The type of material is another another important factor – the modern look of tufted leather or textured fabric is visible in a variety of vibrant patterns and colors.

The minimalist theme continues with the accent tables – coffee tables and end tables should also be mobile and multi-functional.   Choosing end table cubes are playful and useful choice, and are available with a wooden top, perfect when needed as a tray, which can be lifted, revealing a storage bin.  The cube’s sides might also contain a pouch for magazines.

Lighting sources might very well be the most modern component; here track lighting or free standing lamps allow that all table space is reserved for small plates or cups, perhaps a book.

Painting the walls stark white continues a clutter-free perception.  Add color to the walls in the form of bright lithographs on one side; a large mirror on the opposite wall complements and expands the space.

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The choice of modern dining furniture

Posted on 5th October 2011 in Dining room

This should be an easy choice. With so many wonderful and interesting modern furniture designs to choose from, the only limits are your imagination. Looking to live in today’s design world, go modern!

Unlike the traditional dining room sets of the past where everything had to match and the wood needed to be protected by some pretty ugly furniture pads, our dining rooms need to be alive and breathing. Flexible and creative, mix and match is the way to go keeping in mind the practical considerations to make the room function efficiently.

Long, rustic styled dining room tables fit into a more natural lifestyle. East to take care, it transitions well from homework location in the afternoon to full sit down eating at night. Zen styling is in keeping with this providing for comfortable and restive modern furniture designs. With simple, clean minimalist lines, the basic tenets of modern design, it incorporates style with a minimum of fuss leaving you more time to enjoy your family. Look for quality, well made pieces that will last for several generations.

Since putting the best china and crystal on display in the dining room is not such a high priority any more, look for innovative ways to keep dishes you use all the time within handy reach. Modern furniture design is notable because of its acknowledgement that form and function need to work together. An Italian sideboard can provide a convenient place to store silverware and table linens as well as providing a top perfectly suited for a buffet.

Floor to ceiling wall units can also provide a great solution for adding architectural detailing, provide storage, act as a wall divider or simply add a punch of visual drama. Theatre in the dining room is always appreciated so including perhaps a Victorian styled mirrored armoire creates a visual splash at the same time making the room appear more open. There is nothing like candles or lights reflecting off of mirrors to activate a space.

Dining room chairs can be mixed for a pleasant, relaxing feel. A bunch of chairs all lined up exactly the same screams “at attention” rather than “sit and stay awhile”. We want our family and friends to be at home in our home so be sure you are sending out the right message. If you have the room adding a modern sectional sofa nearby can add a wonderful link to conversation groups between rooms as well as providing additional seating.



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Remodel your dining room with modern furniture

Posted on 27th September 2011 in Dining room

While it may seem that summer just ended, if we look ahead, the holidays are right around the corner. We want our dining room to look especially attractive, welcoming to our family and friends.

Faced with the same set you inherited from your in-laws or a well meaning grandmother? Perhaps it is time to reassess your dining room and make sure that it fits your contemporary lifestyle. It is not necessary anymore to have the ubiquitous dining room table with individual chairs.

Try a stylish approach that can also accommodate more guests more comfortably. It is not uncommon to find a modern sofa being used as part of the seating arrangement. Designed to provide maximum flexibility with great styling, it breaks up the traditional expectations as to what a dining room is supposed to look like.

If space is at a premium, consider a modern Zen bench instead. This works really well for children who enjoy sitting close to each other while maximizing your use of space. It is easy to move back and forth and can easily be covered in stain resistant fabric or solid wood for easy clean up. Either way it provides you with more options for seating.

Another consideration in remodeling your dining room is selecting a few pieces that can double as a storage space and as a buffet top. A modern storage unit or a wall unit can be a great, unexpected piece to include in a dining room. If you happen to have a large open floor plan but would prefer some delineation of space without closing it off, a modern storage unit can serve double purpose here. It allows for the flow of conversation, with minimum break in visual line while providing maximum storage. These are options to the china cabinet solution of the past.

The dining room table no longer reserved for only special occasions, host to homework books and special projects, should be flexible enough to include room to stretch out. Modern furniture designers have ingeniously included leaves that slide in and out under the table along with surface materials that are forgiving to use. Tempered glass is an easy and elegant choice that provides a nice hard surface that looks great with candlelight.

Don’t forget the accessories! Lighting is particularly important in this room so a few modern light fixtures with variable light levels allows for whatever ambience you need in the space. Let the personal decorations that you have collected over the years be the sparkle that makes your dining room ready for all of the holidays, enjoy!





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Techniques on how you can improve the look of the dining room

Posted on 16th September 2011 in Dining room

Some rooms of our homes get a lot of use like the living room, the kitchen and the dining room. Because these are the main rooms we live in day and day out, sometimes we need to pay closer attention and freshen these rooms up a bit.

The dining room is more than just a table with a bunch of chairs, it is a spot we can share the day’s stories and relax over a cup of steaming coffee. It is a place that our children can spread out their homework and work under our watchful eye as we attend to other chores. It a perfect spot to fold laundry and work on our card project or sort pictures for our photo album. It is also the spot we gather in to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and just everyday living.

With so many activities happening in one room, it should look as vibrant as the activities it supports. Take a look at your dining room table and chairs. Traditional furniture can be well, traditional and safe but is this really the way we live nowadays? Eclectic modern furniture with Zen influences and Craftsman style detailing and quality of construction might be more to our liking.

Consider perhaps a dynamic minimalist modern tempered glass topped table with leather chairs. Exciting as well as easy to take care of, it definitely can improve the look of the dining room but it does more than that. When a space makes you feel good that happiness can spread throughout the house and indeed brighten our day every day. Modern furniture with its many contemporary styles is adept at providing edgy, hip furnishings that challenge our sense of the expected. Who wants the same dull routine every day?

When bringing in modern furnishings look for strong basic items that have great sleek modern lines with high quality finishes and materials. This serves as a base upon which to include items such as a storage place for dishes and linens and mirrors, vases etc. Try to explore the options that modern furniture design provides for dish and linen storage. Gone are the days when it has to be a china cabinet. Explore using a modern storage unit that can be a vertical element in the room providing both a storage column as well as adding a unique visual anchor.

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The selection of the dining room furniture is an important decision for a new home owner.

Posted on 14th September 2011 in Dining room

Congratulations on being a new home owner! Now comes the fun part, searching out the perfect modern dining room furniture for one of the most important rooms in the house.  Our dining room table says a lot about us and how we welcome our family and friends.

Selecting furniture for the dining room, just like modern design, should consider both form and function. It is a great benefit that many of the best modern furniture designers do both so well at the same time. A glass topped dining room table is at once elegantly modern and easy to clean.

Assessing the size and shape of your dining room will aid in deciding what furniture can and should fit in the space. Round tables are especially nice as they can accommodate with more flexibility how many people can fit around it. Modern furniture design is particularly conscience of minimizing ornate details that can bump into knees and instead design with comfort in mind all the while maintaining a sleek and minimalistic look. Round tables fit best into square rooms. If your dining room happens to be more rectangular you might want to look for a rectangular table as well.

A lot of modern furniture is designed to be adaptable and to adjust to its surroundings. A rectangular, contemporary table with extensions that can be either pulled up or down or pulled out are the best. Modern furniture designers concern themselves with details of construction and ease of use of the furniture. This can give a new home owner the option of buying a table that can adjust to changing demands as well as perhaps adapt to a growing family.

If you happen to find a modern dining room chair that particularly appeals to you, consider purchasing a few extra in case of unexpected company. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. It is not the formal dining room of yesterday. Today’s modern, trendy furniture design embraces deviations from the norm. This is not only a relief for a new homeowner who does not need to worry about making everything match, it also provides for an injection of your personality and having a new home is all about making it your own.

Be sure to include some family photos and a modern mirror or two for the age old trick of making the room look larger than it is. Including a sideboard is infinitely handy and would provide for a modern dining room fit for a new homeowner.

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It’s hard to imagine a world that doesn’t have modern furniture

Posted on 6th September 2011 in Dining room

What would the world look like today if modern design never happened? Modern furniture with its wonderful variations of imaginative and colorful designs missing seems more like a nightmare than anything else. The seemingly impossible stretch of physical realities and the exploration of materials never thought of before in ways never before imagined, how cruel!

Imagine no “Egg Chair” by Arne Jacobsen or the “Nimbus Table Collection” by Niels Joergen Haugesen with their wonderful encapsulation of physical space and the puzzling together of fun and functional geometric shapes. The wonderful neon colors that ignite a room with flaming pinks and brilliant oranges made into squishy ottomans next to white lacquer Italian side tables. Playful, modern furniture design did something beyond just decorate our lives, it caused us to stop and consider an alternative to what has always been.

Modern design considers both form and function as being of equal importance. So as an elegantly swooped asymmetrical sofa is dramatic and packs a huge design wallop, it also needs to be comfortable allowing us to be able to easily take care of it. The finishes and the materials used are important and modern furniture designers integrate these into their designs.

Modern furniture is also based on ergonomics and the human form. Often used as a basis for design, furniture needs to be a contributor to our health as well. With no modern furniture, furniture might still being designed and produced that seem to not take as important the comfort of the human being using it. Modern furniture designers have first and foremost in their minds who they are designing for and how it will be used. They also paid careful attention to including both organic materials and forms.

Modern furniture also came about in a time of history when homes needed to use space more efficiently and the best way to do this is by providing storage. We also did not want to fuss with cleaning and looked for less fussy details to attend to in order to maintain a home. An all velvet couch with down feather pillows that needs to be fluffed every time someone gets up works better with a strict Victorian concept of children who are seen and not heard and women who stay home and take care of the house all day. With both parents working, our lifestyles have changed and so have our demands for our furniture.

Life without modern furniture, no way!



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It іѕ a Gοοd Dесіѕіοn to Shop Online for Dining Room Furniture

Posted on 1st September 2011 in Dining room

Modern dining room tableUpdating your dining room furniture should be fun and having fun means shopping in the way that is most comfortable for you. If you are like some people they have to visit a modern furniture showroom such as in New York City, Miami or Los Angeles to see the latest modern furniture designs in person. It is a great way to be sure you like what you see and ask questions directly from knowledgeable sales associate however, some of you have already done your walking excursions and are ready to sit down and get to business purchasing some perfect modern dining room furniture.

Do this in the same way you want your modern furniture to be, comfortable and available for you when it fits your schedule. So curl up with your favorite cup of tea or coffee, click on the computer and browse to your heart’s content. The power of the internet provides access to a wide range of information in a matter of seconds. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about modern furniture design and the different styles that are available. You might find that there are options you weren’t even aware of. It also gives you the opportunity to instantly compare quality and price between different modern furniture showrooms so you can pursue shopping for dining room furniture on line with confidence.

Here, you can design rooms; furnishing and re-furnishing with hip, trendy modern furniture and accessories, free to do and un-do at will. If you get inspired, checking colors and sizes are easy to do. Measuring the space under question is just a step away. This is not really possible when you are inside a modern furniture showroom. If there is a modern dining room table and dining room chairs for example that you have become smitten with and available in different color selections, it is easy to request a sample of the material to make selection easier. Being able to examine this fabric inside your home, accurately judging its texture and color in the room it will be used is invaluable. Lighting is such an important factor, so doing this in real time makes for much better and easier decisions.

A reputable, high quality modern furniture showroom will provide for the secure transfer of financial information as well as provide for convenient and reliable delivery straight to your door. You choose when you want delivery so it fits conveniently into your busy schedule.







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Advantages When Buying Furniture Online

Posted on 18th August 2011 in Dining room

Visiting your local modern furniture showroom and seeing all the latest in today’s contemporary furniture can be lots of fun. It also can be a bit time consuming and not necessarily convenient with your busy schedule.

Consider shopping online. It is easy, it is safe and it fits perfectly with your schedule. Whenever you are ready; day or night, weekday, weekend or holiday, great modern furniture is just a click away.

Convenience is certainly a great reason for shopping online. It is also easy to look at a wide variety of styles in the comfort of your own home. Take the time to read about the different styles and pieces available. Inspired by great modern furniture designers, you may find that a style you might not otherwise have considered could be just what you are looking for. It lends itself to mixing and matching styles such as Baroque with contemporary and Scandinavian with eclectic, allowing for mistake free experimenting. Go ahead, be imaginative!

Another great thing about online shopping is the ability to be confident that a piece you simply have to have gets the proper dimension check. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect piece that does not fit in the intended space. You will know ahead of time that it will be accommodated perhaps allowing for the inclusion of other modern furniture pieces that will compliment your new modern sofa or whatever happened to catch your eye.

Be sure to read the product descriptions so fabrics, colors, patterns and finishes can be selected ensuring you are getting exactly what you want. Most modern furniture have low maintenance surfaces so whether you are shopping for inside or outside patio furniture, you can be sure to select pieces that create time to enjoy rather than maintain them. Have a question regarding materials or construction? You will always have an opportunity to call and ask questions. Modern furniture stores are eager to answer your questions making sure that customers receive both the high quality modern furniture and customer service that they deserve. Most likely you will find an interactive chat available online that allows an opportunity to ask questions without having to call or wait for an email response. Answers when you need them the most, now!

Once you have decided on the modern furniture that will make a design statement in your home, ordering is simple. Good companies will offer the secure transfer of private financial information as well as shipping that is many times free available right to your front door. Shopping for modern furniture on line, what could be simpler!



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Modern lines for a problem dining room

Posted on 9th August 2011 in Dining room

We would all like to think that when we find our perfect home that each and every room is perfectly designed and sized to accommodate our needs perfectly. Anyone home shopping today knows that in any perfect home there is always a compromise in what we want for each space. If you happen to have found the perfect home but with a less than perfect dining room, read on.

So, what to do with a problem dining room. You know what I am talking about, the dining room that is more like a hallway or a walk through space. How about the dining room that is tagged onto the end of the living room space like an afterthought or perhaps your dining room is next to the outdoor patio area so getting around the dining room table and chairs seems to be the more pressing issue?

Do not fret. Choosing the right pieces for the space is the first step and modern furniture provides great choices from which to choose from. With flexibility in both styling, materials and configurations it can help in accomplishing the possible from the seeming impossible.

As to the hallway dining room, the trick is to maximize the space and create a space within a space. Modern furniture with its wonderfully clean and minimal lines can support a table and chairs that take up less of the room’s space. Adding a long bench to one side can increase sitting places as well as decrease the visual clutter associated with multiple chairs. Consider turning the table sideways to the length of the room or use a round or square table. In this way the table defines more of the space and de-emphasizes the length of the room.

Another way to handle a problem dining room is to change rooms with another space. If the dining room has a fireplace along one wall this might be a good indication that perhaps this room would work better as a living space. This same idea might work well for the dining room that is directly next to a patio door. Dining rooms should not be in the way, they should be an inviting space that welcome in family and friends alike to share food, conversation and good times.

Tagged on dining rooms are easily solved by creating furniture groupings that define the space. Using a modern styled credenza as both a serving area and storage for the dining room is a great way to define and create an intimate dining room area.





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Interior Ddesign #11

Posted on 3rd March 2011 in Bedroom, Dining room, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Outdoor

Hiring a professional interior designer? You might want to check and
make sure they are a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

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