Why you should consider buying furniture online

Posted on 5th September 2011 in Living Room

Remember the Yellow Pages jingle from way back, “Let your fingers do the walking?”…well, that is still true when it comes to considering buying furniture online.  Rather than a tedious and exhausting shopping experience, you can comparative shop all of your furniture needs from as many online furniture websites as you dare – thousands of miles from your home.

Shopping for your furniture via your computer allows the idea of what you’re looking for to become a reality.  Almost all furniture sites provide complete looks in a virtual environment, providing you with a host of ideas in styles, fabrics, accessories and lighting for your kitchen, den, bedroom, dining room and patio.  You can compare prices, shipping and/or delivery fees (though many sites offer these free)…without being tied to purchasing everything from one website.  Online warehouses have low overhead, enabling them to pass on competitive prices to the consumer.  Shipping is faster, too, as the furniture ships directly from the warehouse to your door.  There is no salesman following you around the store – who’s usually more interested in earning his commission, than being interested in helping his customers find what they really need.

Many online furniture stores will routinely send out color and fabric swatches to their online consumers, which not only ramps up the company’s service level, it fosters confidence.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to online furniture shopping is the ability to research customer reviews, a valuable resource for the consumer about the vendor and quality of materials before a substantial purchase is made.

Shopping online for your furniture, with some advance planning, can be a stress-free experience and an opportunity to research myriad possibilities for designing your home directly from your home.

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Furniture You Should Buy According to Your Style

Posted on 2nd September 2011 in Living Room

Style is a word that can be used in so many different applications. It can mean a manner of writing, fashion, a type of music, a genre of film or define a language of design. Once you have decided upon which aspect you are discussing, defining your personal style can be both challenging and fun. Think of yourself as a detective looking for clues that provide the pieces to making a room or an entire house or office work within a given style.

Modern furniture design is an easy and accessible style to explore as it lends itself to being used as the basis for design decisions that incorporate the needs and desires for any space. Are you the formal kind of person who delights in symmetrical lines and strong statement furniture pieces? This might suggest your style is minimalist modern where each and every piece of contemporary furniture stands on its own with no additional fuss or frill. Clean and uncluttered it can provide a refreshingly open palette that lends itself well to an all white palette, emphasizing textures, shadows and nuances. Modern furniture design can also incorporate bold, vibrant colors in creative and seemingly impossible shapes, sizes and configurations. Modern furniture design can definitely display a sense of humor and challenge the laws of nature.

Maybe your style is based around your desire for a space that is more like a retreat where you have time to reflect and enjoy the quieter moments of life. Zen modern furniture might be a style you could consider learning more about. Emphasizing natural materials that seek to incorporate everyday living into modern furniture, rattan armchairs and low slung wood side tables provide for opportunities to savor life. A Scandinavian style bed, with its crisp clean lines and emphasis on wood with quality craftsmanship can work well with this style providing modernist styling with great functional use.

Perhaps you are drawn to the classic lines of Italian or Baroque furniture but don’t care for the excess amount of detailing. Today’s Baroque modern furniture pays attention to the detailing of the past and includes just enough to make it interesting but not so much as to seem overdone. It is a great way to include a bit of frill without the heaviness that traditional, dark wood furniture usually seems to introduce into a space. With armchairs and sofas reinterpreted and produced in all white, it is a delightful way to include both the past and the present into any space of your home.

Style should be personal and it should be whatever you want it to be. Explore and find the elements in modern furniture design that speak to you.








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Your Leather Living Room Furniture Should Offer You Style and Comfort

Posted on 31st August 2011 in Living Room

Let’s take a moment to take a step back and remember what furniture is supposed to do. Furniture is supposed to be comfortable providing seating or storage or whatever we need in our daily lives with no special requests and even less maintenance. Be sure when you are looking to purchase or replace modern furniture in your home that it provides for these basics. If not, then maybe you are doing yourself a disservice. Your living room furniture should provide for uncompromising style and comfort.

Modern leather furniture is a great choice for many homes because it provides a long wearing material with proper care and is easy to maintain with a minimum of fuss. With breathability, it tolerates constant use with grace actually improving over time. Today’s leather furniture styling has gone beyond the days when it seems that it was only available as big, chunky pieces of furniture. With the sleek lines of modern furniture design, sofa and chairs can be light and slender incorporating the best of leather furniture and contemporary furniture design.

The living room is a room that particularly benefits from leather furniture pieces. Usually the most popular place in the house next to the dining room, it will accommodate a few or many, people and animals, while maintaining its elegance and charm. It is best to not sit on the arms or spill food or liquid on the finish but this is true of any furniture.

With a variety of leather types and colors to choose from, it is not just a choice between light or dark leather anymore with a wide range of colors and pigmentations. It also lends itself to working with other modern furniture styles as well. Equally at home with contemporary furniture styling as a Scandinavian or Italian inspired interior design, it compliments and complements just about any piece of furniture that it is grouped with.

Modern over scaled mirrors reflect the color variations inherent in leather and candlelight highlights the warmth that exudes from leather furniture. Including a rattan armchair or an Italian decorative armchair are both equally at home next to a modern leather sofa. Exuding an ambience that is both traditional and earthy, it enhances rooms that are decorated with white lacquer side tables and highly polished glass coffee tables. It is the versatility of modern leather furniture that it makes it the right choice for the living room.








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A small sectional sofa is perfect for any apartment

Posted on 29th August 2011 in Living Room

A small sectional sofa is a perfect seating choice for any apartment.  The non-structured component of this style offers options in seating, which is an important feature when considering the area for entertaining or family use.  The sectional sofas can function independently, allowing for small apartment space constraints when the wall is not long enough to house the sofa to its full length.  Just as efficiently, the units can be clustered in a large space, making the area a more intimate and cozy one.

Beware the pitfall of falling in love with a sectional in a store, where it might be displayed in a larger space than the area it will ultimately reside in your home.  You must measure carefully to ensure that there will be enough room for the width and depth of these pieces.  In addition, when choosing a chaise sectional, while the additional length easily offers a place to put your feet up, make sure it will not encroach on the coffee table in front of it.  This rule will apply to sectional sofas offering a recliner – in this instance, you’ll need to make space between the sofa and the wall in order for the recliner to open to full its full capacity.

Examine your room carefully – can the room accommodate the sectionals?  Will they fit and look comfortable among the other fixed objects in the room:  windows, fireplace, built in shelves, etc.  As long as you properly balance the sofas to the other items in the room that they are sharing, such as tables, lamps, perhaps a magazine rack, your room will be well-proportioned, comfortable and user-friendly.


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Guidelines in Choosing a Sectional Sofa

Posted on 26th August 2011 in Living Room

When selecting the right modern furniture pieces for our home or our office finding the right size with the right kind of flexibility to accommodate our needs is important. Sectional sofas can be just the right size and solution for both smaller space challenged interiors as well as larger spaces. Efficient in their use of space, they can be an easy way to provide for a lot of comfortable seating.

When you are looking to choose a sectional sofa the first thing to look at is the style that appeals to you. Perhaps if you live in New York City, a minimalist modern furniture compliments the modern loft style or perhaps consider a more relaxing Zen feel. Whichever style you gravitate toward, complementing modern furniture pieces, colors, textures and accessories will all play a part in creating the design style.

If you are having trouble deciding what modern furniture styles you like the best and want to catch up on today’s latest design trends, visit a modern furniture showroom for inspiration. This is a great place to play out imaginary settings of contemporary furniture without worrying about returning anything. It is a good idea to know the dimensions of the space you are trying to fill. This insures that your purchase will be sized correctly.

Modern sectional sofas come in all kinds of materials and configurations as well. Are you more interested in easy care finishes? Leather might be an excellent choice as it can last considerably longer than a fabric cover with the proper care. If fabric is more to your liking look for fabrics that can be easily taken off and washed or have a stain resistant finish. Sometimes choosing a more neutral color lends itself to being easily changed with accessories but if a heather green modern sofa rocks your boat, go for it!

The best part about modern sectional sofas is the ability to configure and reconfigure furniture arrangements. Try to avoid pieces that can fit into a left side or right side only set-up. In this way you can easily change furniture arrangement in response to the expected use such as a large formal gathering of family and friends or a more intimate dinner party that lends itself to smaller groupings for quieter conversation. Be sure to include sliders under the legs to avoid damage to a hardwood floor. With these suggestions, choosing the right modern sectional sofa should be simple and fun!

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Leather Furniture Care Tips and Facts

Posted on 22nd August 2011 in Living Room

Leather furniture can be a great investment. Some people think that it is difficult to care for and expensive however, if you start to look more closely you may find that these are not true and with a clear understanding of leather care, it should be an investment that will last a lifetime.

First, when buying for example a modern leather sofa, be sure to follow some simple do’s and don’ts’. Don’t place leather furniture in direct sunlight or close to a heat source. This can damage the material prematurely aging and discoloring it. Try to keep animals off the furniture as their nails can damage leaving small pin holes as well as their acidic saliva can leave stains. If any stains do get on it, clean if off with a dry, clean towel as soon as possible. Avoid sitting on the leather furniture with wet hair or with body creams and lotions.

While we want to look great on our modern furniture;, water, solvents, chemicals and salt are all a problem for leather and will degrade its appearance. Leather is wonderful for its ability to breathe and to respond and absorb moisture. While some people think that buying leather is too expensive, a leather modern sofa should last a lifetime with proper care, usually lasting four times as long as a fabric covered piece of furniture.

Maintenance should include a weekly dusting with either a clean dry cloth or vacuuming being sure to get into the nooks and crevices where gritty dirt can accumulate and wear against the leather surface with use. If a stain gets on the leather, wipe it up as soon as possible. Sometimes a light rub with water, preferable distilled water, will get the stain out. While there are both natural and chemical leather cleaners, be sure to try them on a less visible spot just in case. Natural remedies include lemon juice, vinegar, toothpaste and alcohol. Be sure to read and follow directions for whatever cleaner you decide to use.

After the leather surface has been cleaned, all modern leather furniture needs a restorative wiped onto the leather’s surfaces at least once a month. This keeps the leather surface supple and moisturized. Leather surfaces that have that dried, cracked appearance are due to a lack of moisture. Be sure to follow these tips and facts for your modern leather furniture and it will provide for years of comfortable living.

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How to Care for Your sectional sofa

Posted on 17th August 2011 in Living Room

Finding a great modern sectional sofa is the fun first half and keeping it in great shape is the second half. With a few tips and suggestions, the perfect modern sectional sofa should be around for years to come providing a relaxing and inviting place for family and friends to gather and share.

The beauty part about a sectional sofa is its versatility. It can be put together to provide a gathering spot for a crowd or it can be separated into smaller more intimate groupings. If you are keeping the pieces primarily as a larger grouping, be sure to pull them apart on occasion when cleaning. The stuff of everyday life has an insidious way of finding resting spots in nooks and crevices. If these are not cleaned out on a routine basis it can cause permanent staining and deteriorate the quality of the finish. Particularly harmful is anything with an acidic base so lemon juice, wine and the like can be particularly harmful especially on wood surfaces. Be sure to vacuum in between the small spaces to get out any residual crumbs.

When spills do occur be sure to clean them up right away. Modern furniture has stain resistant surfaces. This can range from water and stain repellant fabric finishes to easy to wipe up surfaces. Taking the time to address it immediately avoids stains from setting and becoming permanent. When choosing modern furniture be sure to pick pieces that work with your lifestyle. Besides stain resistant and water repellant finishes, sections are also available in leather which might be an easier to care for surface. With the application of leather oil rubbed in once a month, it offers a low maintenance solution that works well with kids and pets as well as providing for classic modern good looks.

Take the time to switch sectional pieces around to even the wear and tear on the individual pieces. We all seem to find a favorite spot usually shared by everyone else in the family. Moving this piece around will minimize the wear on any one piece. This will keep the modern sectional sofa looking fresh and new looking for a long time.

Pay attention to the underside of the sectional sofa as well. Vacuuming here as well is important. Look at the supporting legs, an element often overlooked and apply furniture polish or cleaner as need to keep your modern sectional sofa looking as great as the day you brought it home.






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Selecting Contemporary Furniture for Style and Comfort

Posted on 15th August 2011 in Living Room

When you bought your first set of furniture, price was important and so like our first homes, we expect to upgrade at some point down the line. Well maybe it is about time. When you begin to consider selecting contemporary furniture, it is important to look for pieces that provide a good investment with high quality construction.

Modern furniture style can be relied on as a great base for adding additional contemporary pieces. With sleek, simple lines design goes to a whole new level. Add the factor of comfort and you are on your way to selecting great modern furniture that will become a part of making your home look like the latest design showroom.

So how do you select contemporary furniture that has both style and comfort? Look for pieces that fit into your lifestyle should be a first consideration. If you have a particularly active lifestyle then choosing pieces that are easy to move around and easy to take care of should be at the top of the list. Modern sectional sofas can allow for grouping or moving pieces into more intimate settings. Stain resistant fabrics should be included along with designs that are minimal in fussy details, exactly what modern furniture provides.

Gatherings with family and friends require comfortable modern furniture that can be moved around as well as relaxing to be on. The living room is but one space in a home. Look to the bedroom for providing comfort and style as well.

Every bedroom just like the entry hallway should have a landing spot for whatever. While the bed is usually the first choice, include a modern armchair or a loveseat for a more comfortable spot to curl up with a good book or a place to simply rest for a moment from your busy day. Again look to the minimalist lines of modern furniture to provide for both form and function.

In the dining room, a modern dining room table should provide for easy gathering along with stylish chairs that can perform well even with daily use. Choosing chairs with wood seats helps to maintain an easy to care for space as well as a stylish option when paired with a tempered glass table top. Having visual access through a large piece of furniture in any space makes it feel more open so consider this as a welcome change from the typical wood finish.




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Modern Furniture Design – making smaller spaces seem larger

Posted on 12th August 2011 in Living Room

We all want lots of space to spread out in but space sometimes comes at a hefty price so in today’s economy understanding design tricks to make a smaller space seem larger is worth exploring.

Open floor plans are common merging rooms such as the living room and dining room into one large open space with easy visibility into the kitchen to allow a free flow of conversation. When we start adding furniture into these open spaces it can quickly seem cluttered and no longer feeling open and spacious.

Modern furniture is what is needed as strikingly clean lines help to define a space as well as avoid visual clutter. The key element to making this work is to avoid a bunch of smaller pieces. Using a few well designed modern furniture pieces can define and anchor a space. A modern sofa with a pair of Baroque armchairs and a tempered glass topped contemporary coffee table provides an instant great conversation area that is not either over crowded or cluttered.

Now it is easy to bring in a Scandinavian dining room table. Making a bold single statement in the space it works well paired with mismatched chairs and the latest trend in modern furniture design, a sofa on one side for seating. The chairs while not matching should have some element in common. In this way they relate to each other but avoid the visual bulk of identical items lined up in a row. The shifting lines of the sofa and the chairs create interest allowing the eye to acknowledge their uniqueness visually understanding each on its own rather than chairs en masse. This easy trick, rather than encouraging scanning an entire room at once which has a tendency to flatten the space, makes the eye wander and settle. This helps to make a smaller space appear larger.

Another way to create an illusion of more space is to use mirrors and glass strategically. Glass allows the eye to see through and beyond so glass on top of the dining room table immediately makes the space feel more open and lighter. One simple designer trick is to include translucent dining room chairs, again creating a sense of openness.

Another method to explore is keeping everything in the same color palette. This is one of the reasons that all white design palettes are popular as it keeps the space feeling open and fresh. Modern furniture is available in all white that can lend spaciousness and a sense of modern furniture cool. Tying elements together provides a professional and well designed modern look.



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Modern Furniture Tips for Your Home in New York

Posted on 27th July 2011 in Living Room

After browsing so many furniture stores, you sit down wearily wondering how to choose? Too many choices and you like them all. What to do?

The first tip in selecting modern furniture for your New York home is to go back again and this time be better prepared. Take with you a camera, a notepad and a tape measure. Be sure that you have taken important measurements of spaces where you intend to buy furniture for. There is nothing worse than falling in love and buying the “perfect” piece only to find it doesn’t fit! Ouch! Taking pictures along with corresponding notes provides for a clear idea of pieces you like and display arrangements. It helps to provide a clear basis for comparison and the knowledge that what you purchase will fit where you want it to. Consider bringing along a floor plan of your space with ideas for pieces you would like to include. Sales people don’t only sell, they are also usually well versed in design and furniture placement and design. They might just surprise you with some interesting alternative ideas to what you thought you absolutely knew you wanted.

The second tip is to buy the key pieces first. Too often we get distracted with accessories and forget to buy the bones of the space. A modern sofa is an important element in the living room so any other modern furniture selected for this space should be done in concert with this piece. It is similar to creating a wardrobe. Shirts are selected after jackets, skirts and slacks have been chosen. Selecting furniture is much the same.

The third tip is to buy what you like. The rule about following design rules is to know when to follow them and when to break them. This is your space, so personalize it. Walking into a living space that has incorporated outdoor patio furniture is an unexpected and can be a delightfully delicious variation on what is the norm. Colors, materials and of course, never forget lighting, all add to make this uniquely you which is what modern furniture is all about. Making rules about breaking the rules is a freeing experience. If you are in a well designed space but it does not talk to you then try again. Modern furniture comes in all styles, color, shapes, materials and configurations so with camera, tape measure and notepad in hand, you are ready to make great choices so get going!

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