What to look for in a modern office?

Posted on 14th October 2011 in Office

These days, designing a proper office with modern furniture is almost as critical as creating the right environment in your bedroom. With as much time as people are spending at their work or home office, taking the time to invest in comfortable modern office furniture is important. Improper seating and non-ergonomic desks can create not only a lot of back pain, but make you dread going to work because you purchased contemporary furniture that doesn’t work.

When purchasing modern office furniture there are a few things that you should consider before deciding which to buy to ensure your own comfort and to ensure the aesthetics of a room you could potentially spend hours inside of.

First, what are the different components that make up a modern day office? Typically the requirements haven’t changed much since people first began using offices to do work inside of. Everyone requires a chair as well as a desk as the cornerstone of the room.

The chair should be ergonomically designed so that your head is properly supported when necessary, the seat and back of the chair should be properly cushioned and shaped in a way that doesn’t have you sitting for hours in a strange position. You also want to make sure that the chair fits comfortably underneath the desk and isn’t a tight squeeze to get it under there.

The desk itself should be large enough to accommodate everything you need. Whether you use a laptop or a desktop computer, make sure you can spread out on the desk with enough room for your folders, pen holders, mouse, phone, printer and any other modern office furniture accessories you might require.

And while function of your contemporary office furniture is important, you also want it to be visually pleasing. When you want into your office, you may be looking for a modern, sleek yet elegant feel or a subtle, comfortable feel. Some want an edgy look to their modern office furniture and others want a more primitive country feel that pulls in those large ornate wooden desks with large chairs.

These days, people are trying to compress their lives, and that includes the office, so a smaller desk may be just what you need. These days, modern office furniture is sleekly designed with a smaller, more aesthetically pleasing look that allows you to create the modern office to fit your needs perfectly, especially when trying to create the right environment in your home office.

Contemporary furniture has evolved so much over the years that it has become so lightweight only one person is required to lift it. Lightweight, steel, chrome, fiberglass and metal desks are popular because the office may not seem as imposing as they once did when wood was the primary material for modern office furniture. Take the time to research the exact look you would like to recreate for your office and use these suggestions to create a comfortable environment.

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Why Buy Modern Furniture for your modern office?

Posted on 6th October 2011 in Office

Though today’s modern office is more streamlined, less really can mean more.  A uncluttered space reflects more light and increased mobility for both the occupant and her office tools, adding up to more and better productivity.

Technology is primarily responsible for the shift in modern office designs.  The immobile desktop computer and printer required miles of wires and coveted desk space, which tended to create a cluttered and unorganized work station.  A modern office is virtually absent of wires.  Lap tops and mobile smart phones, along with wireless printers are portable, allowing the worker and his office to be completely mobile.  And for those times when it is necessary to work from the office is required, the lap top needs a Wi-Fi connection and a small table to rest.

The banker’s office of the past decorated with dark, heavy furniture, heavy draperies in a room devoid of sunlight, reflected a brooding atmosphere.  The beauty of modern office desks, chairs and conference tables are seen in the sexy, sleek steel frame designs or shiny chrome.  Lacquer, chrome, brushed steel or light wood veneers are available for desks, chairs and tables.  Conference tables of tempered glass continue the light, open feel.  Ergonomic chairs are anything but rigid, providing comfort to the worker when sitting for long periods.  Desks no longer require the worker to sit, and can be adjusted for the desired heights, for those workers who prefer standing to sitting.

Shelving units can also capture the light and airy contemporary look when manufactured from steel frames with lacquered wood shelves.  Accessories such as filing cabinets match the look, a far cry from the old fashioned metal institutional cabinets of yesteryear.


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Furniture is an investment that requires meticulous selection

Posted on 8th September 2011 in Office

Investment is an important though often overlooked aspect when buying modern furniture. We have a tendency to look for the style of the piece. What do we like? Baroque, Zen, ultra-contemporary, Italian or minimalist modern furniture design and of course this is very important. It speaks about who we are and what defines our design style. So while we may be busy wowing our neighbors and friends, quality of material and craftsmanship will insure that the modern sofa we so fell in love with can be passed down from generation to generation.

Look for modern furniture that has classic good looks and not simply the latest trend. While some can be a great investment because the modern furniture lines are being produced by an up and coming design star, it shouldn’t be so fleeting a design trend that instead of looking unique and fresh it looks old and passé. Some of the crazy and wildly imaginative pieces from the modern furniture designers during the 1950’s endure until today however, some of have disappeared because their appeal was too narrow and the quality of materials and construction were absent.

Handcrafted wood or just about anything that is handmade is a good investment as it value lies in the craftsmanship. Some of the original modern furniture designers especially many of the ones schooled at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts graduated with a sound understanding of cabinetry and furniture making. This dedication to high quality construction techniques and the innovative use of materials produced modern furniture that endures until today. It is not just classic furniture that brings in this added value, quality will always be valued.

Materials should be long lasting. Fabric is a versatile and adaptable choice however, leather will last considerably longer. Your lifestyle and ability to maintain the modern furniture can help be a guide in determining which finish works better for you. Look at the evenness of stains or paints for a flawless finish which is an important consideration for long lasting value and beauty.

If buying the latest modern furniture lines that are produced by today’s hot, new designers is something that captures your interest then make sure to take the time to visit a local modern furniture showroom to see these pieces up close as well as being able to ask questions of the store’s associates. Knowing the inside information will help you decide what pieces will be a sound investment for your future.


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Interior Ddesign #11

Posted on 3rd March 2011 in Bedroom, Dining room, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Outdoor

Hiring a professional interior designer? You might want to check and
make sure they are a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

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Decorating Ideas #1

Posted on 3rd March 2011 in Bedroom, Dining room, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Outdoor

Got a green thumb? Consider adding some unique vases with flowers or
a hanging plant to add a bit of life to a room.

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