Garden furniture ideas

Posted on 28th July 2011 in Outdoor

Selecting backyard or patio furniture might be a daunting experience, but approaching the task as a painter to her easel, the project might turn out to be more fun than you thought.  Consider the space at hand as well as the terrain.  Is your backyard or patio area dotted with by trees or planted bushes, grass or cement?  How you will be using the space is another consideration and most important, how do you want that space to look?  Now’s the time to refer to that bulging file of magazine clippings you’ve been collecting, containing ideas about the mood or style you’ve always wanted to create.  You can either extend your indoor decorating style outdoors or create a whole new style.  From easy, laid back entertaining to elegant and sophisticated…create the space which makes you comfortable.

Various factors affect a decision of the type of outdoor furniture to choose.  The array of materials along with one’s personal style will determine the creation of a garden landscape.  Basic items such as tables and chairs can be complemented by an almost dizzying array of accessories – whether table top décor or statuary.  Tables, chairs, loungers, rockers, and more abound in wood, synthetic rattan, marble, wrought iron, plastic, aluminum or steel.  Feel free to mix and match among these choices to find a style that says it’s yours.

Whenever possible, patio furniture should rest on brick and not the lawn.  It’s not only bad for the furniture but the lawn as well.

Choose tables and chairs that are eye-pleasing, charming and essentially functional.  While a large area can accommodate a rectangle or a wider angle table, a more confined space can be made to appear larger by selecting a smaller table and chair set.  Adding a garden bench or cozy chair and table away from the dining area creates an interesting and soothing quiet space.  Spice up the area with a bright umbrella, making sure it is the right size to afford generous protection for the table.  It should be light in color, rather than black, to reflect the sun’s rays.  Colorful and festive table-top accessories are great ways to fill up space:  think bold, assorted shape napkin ring holders, colorful napkins and tablecloths, and colorful tableware.

Bird baths, water pieces, ponds and fountains are other ways of introducing an atmosphere of calm and serenity.  Marble or wood are good choices which can complement a wider variety of furniture.  A wooden covered trellis near a water piece can create the idea of a secret garden, and stepping inside, a garden bench offers a quiet place to rest, read or reflect.  Hammocks also afford a laid back summer attitude, and are best placed in a quieter section of your backyard.

Marble and wood, plastic and bamboo are among the materials all have advantages.  Wood is popular, but is affected by weather and soil, and requires maintenance.  Plastic is light, easily transportable, is available in a wide variety of colors and styles.  Its drawback is that it is not as durable as wood and is affected by wind, humidity and harsh sun.  Marble and wrought iron are choices reflecting elegance and sophistication.  Both are resistant to rain and sun, and can be easily cleaned with soapy water.  Both materials are heavy and are susceptible to breaks.  However, if you are looking to achieve an elegant space, marble or wrought iron are the ideal materials to create the atmosphere.

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Shopping tips for patio furniture

Posted on 26th July 2011 in Outdoor

One of the most enjoyable spaces in your home is actually outside of its walls, your backyard – and with the right patio furniture, can be the perfect the place to enjoy summer meals and entertaining your family and friends.  There are some key factors you’ll want to consider before making the purchase – budget, climate, lifestyle, and storage/transportability.  Then, a review of the variety of materials outdoor furniture is made from will help to determine the perfect set of patio furniture you and your family are sure to enjoy for a long time.

What kind of material most complements your lifestyle and budget? 

Plastic – If yours is a family with young children and most of your entertaining will include other families for picnics and barbeques, consider plastic.  The material is durable, can be easily cleaned with not much more than a damp rag, and on those rainy days, is quick-dry.  That the material is lightweight makes it easy to move and to store.  The wide array of plastic patio furniture includes dining and side tables, lounge and deck chairs, garden benches, umbrellas and storage units which are available in many styles and colors – making the material an affordable, attractive and useful choice for your backyard.

Synthetic Rattan – this very popular synthetic wicker furniture proves a great option for both casual and more upscale entertaining.  The material is less expensive than wicker, and eliminates the worry of rotting wood ruining its overall appearance.  The weather-resistant rattan frame is woven with synthetic wicker, preventing cracking, splitting and unraveling, and maintenance is the same as cleaning real wood.  Made from high density polyethylene with a polymer extrusion woven over an aluminum frame makes this material truly weather-resistant, standing up to sunlight and rain.  The material can also be painted, and is available in many colors.  You’ll find much variety in the styles of tables, chairs, loungers.

Wrought Iron – this is a sophisticated choice for elegant entertaining and adds charm and drama to your backyard events.  Wrought iron patio furniture tends to be expensive, but can provide many years of use, and with light maintenance, is well worth the investment.  This sturdy material is easily cleaned with warm, soapy water and proves durable in rainy and snowy environments.  Its surface can be painted, extending your own personal style to your outdoor area.  Any chips in the paint should be sanded and repainted immediately to prevent corrosion.  Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner outdoors, an intimate dinner party or relaxing with friends, wrought iron furniture will make a delightful backdrop to your entertaining.

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Best outdoor furniture for your garden

Posted on 25th July 2011 in Outdoor

Isn’t it amazing and such a wonderful idea that the way we live inside we can also bring outside? Outdoor furniture provides for all kinds of possibilities. Of course, the best is the kind that allows for tons of comfort, no maintenance and makes outdoor living fun and versatile.

Comfort is what we all crave so look for pieces that incorporate style along with the ability to group or separate. Having a party calls for groups where friends and family can congregate to share good food and good times. Looking at the stars at night calls for more intimate settings, so look for pieces that can work together or separately.

Keeping it simple and light will make your time outside in your garden on your well chosen outdoor furniture so much more relaxing. Look for pieces and materials that will wear well.  Pieces that spruce up with an occasional soap and water wash will provide for easy maintenance. While metal and wood furniture are durable and add a great look to your garden they involve a bit more care but it might just be worth it.

Metal outdoor furniture performs best with a quick once over with sand paper and a yearly coat of spray paint.  Wood furniture also benefits from a once a year coat of waterproofing. Stain can also be used to brighten up and add some color to the furniture in the garden space. Cushions are the easy and inexpensive way to change the mood of the outside. Like red? Red cushions and red flowers equal =on fire!

…And speaking of color, the best outdoor furniture for your garden compliments and works with your landscaping. Look to place a two seater bench under a tall, feathery fern or a half round table with large over scaled chairs next to a trickling waterfall. Versatility is key and certainly have fun with your patio collection. Always follow the golden rule, mix and match. Matching pieces have a tendency to flatten the space and take the life out of it. Look to the colors in your flowers and the textures of the leaves for inspiration for hues and textures.

As always, pull it together with accessories. What is wonderful outdoor furniture without the sparkle? Look to modern or cottage style to work with your garden space. It is the combination of all the elements of great design and garden landscaping that makes this work the best!



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Best colors for your patio furniture

Posted on 21st July 2011 in Outdoor

In the early 19th century, when one envisioned patio furniture, it was either the rockers Grandma used to set out on her porch, metal and plastic deck chairs, or the white wicker furniture popular with the upper classes. These wasn’t much variety and the patio furniture wasn’t a part of the house that many average homeowners, and especially renters, worried about having designer outdoor furniture. Many times a few picnic benches sufficed as outdoor furniture so the kids could dine outside, but actually engaging with guests and family ouside was either extremely casual or relied on major events for a nice furniture setup outside. But as modern technology has changed, so has the manufacturing and design of outdoor furniture. In addition to a variety of styles and designs that are much more durable than ever before, the colors available are vivid reminders that the outside patio area deserves as much attention and styling as the rest of the house. So how do you choose the best colors for your outdoor patio furniture? Obviously your first clue is to look at the colors of your walls, flooring, tiles, pool area. Typically most homes are shades of browns to reds to white and creams with shades in between, so you want to find the best colors to work with what you already have unless you plan to redo the entire area before you purchase outdoor patio furniture for your home. Most people aren’t starting from a blank palette, and typically don’t want to repaint their whole house just to buy patio furniture so work with what they have available. In some case, you only have a small patio space to work with, and if you are a renter, have even less options to work with. The best way to move forward in patio furniture is look for a basic color in the base chair and accessorize with colored cushions. Most metals are pretty standard in color as are wood deck chairs, but modern patio furniture made of a synthetic rattan or a resin material are becoming very popular and are available in a variety of colors, mostly though in browns, blacks and whites for the chairs. But some furniture stores are leading the trend by adding a multitude of surprise colors for the cushions, allowing designers a wide variety of options, including lime green, red, turquoise, blue among others.

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10 tips to choose your patio furniture

Posted on 18th July 2011 in Outdoor

Buying furniture for your patio can be a big decision to make, especially if you are splurging and buying designer furniture for your outdoor area.  Choosing the right colors, styles, designs should be a carefully made decision to ensure that your patio furniture lasts. Here are ten tips to help you choose your modern patio furniture.

1)      The number one rule for any interior design project is measure, measure, measure. This is key to ensure you work with the space you have not the outdoor design you are building inside your head. We all have a bit of a fantasy space to design in, but measurements and layout is key to everything.

2)      Look for colors that contrast your backyard nicely. If you have big bold yellow flowers, than perhaps a turquoise outdoor sofa or modern love cap would be a nice contrast to create a vibrant patio area.

3)      What materials are you using in your patio furniture? Options available include metal, plastic, wood and even a synthetic rattan that is highly durable. Weigh each of the options for material carefully. Each has its benefits but one may appeal more to you than others. Metal may be easier to clean than other materials, but may rust easier if not properly coated. Wood deck chairs with padded cushions are nice looking, but not be as comfortable or durable as rattan. Rattan is highly weather resistant and durable, so holds up well.

4)      Decide how many seats you will need at a minimum. Large family? Try to accommodate more outdoor chairs on your patio.

5)      Make sure to incorporate modern lighting into your outdoor patio furniture setup otherwise you will just be sitting there in the dark.

6)      Looking for something different such as a love cap or outdoor bed? Make sure the cushions are well made with zippered covers to protect them from the elements.

7)      Try to have a place to store the furniture during the winter (or summer) months when you are away from your home to keep the sun from fading the patio furniture.

8)      Keep a storage box on your patio to keep random odds and ends found outside, whether it’s a pool toy, sunscreen or other outdoor products.

9)      Look for umbrellas to offer protection in the sun, not only for you, but also for your new designer patio furniture.

10)   Compare prices when shopping. There are many affordable patio furniture options out there – just take the time to look.

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Interior Ddesign #11

Posted on 3rd March 2011 in Bedroom, Dining room, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Outdoor

Hiring a professional interior designer? You might want to check and
make sure they are a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

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Decorating Ideas #1

Posted on 3rd March 2011 in Bedroom, Dining room, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Outdoor

Got a green thumb? Consider adding some unique vases with flowers or
a hanging plant to add a bit of life to a room.

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