The choice of modern dining furniture

Posted on 5th October 2011 in Dining room

This should be an easy choice. With so many wonderful and interesting modern furniture designs to choose from, the only limits are your imagination. Looking to live in today’s design world, go modern!

Unlike the traditional dining room sets of the past where everything had to match and the wood needed to be protected by some pretty ugly furniture pads, our dining rooms need to be alive and breathing. Flexible and creative, mix and match is the way to go keeping in mind the practical considerations to make the room function efficiently.

Long, rustic styled dining room tables fit into a more natural lifestyle. East to take care, it transitions well from homework location in the afternoon to full sit down eating at night. Zen styling is in keeping with this providing for comfortable and restive modern furniture designs. With simple, clean minimalist lines, the basic tenets of modern design, it incorporates style with a minimum of fuss leaving you more time to enjoy your family. Look for quality, well made pieces that will last for several generations.

Since putting the best china and crystal on display in the dining room is not such a high priority any more, look for innovative ways to keep dishes you use all the time within handy reach. Modern furniture design is notable because of its acknowledgement that form and function need to work together. An Italian sideboard can provide a convenient place to store silverware and table linens as well as providing a top perfectly suited for a buffet.

Floor to ceiling wall units can also provide a great solution for adding architectural detailing, provide storage, act as a wall divider or simply add a punch of visual drama. Theatre in the dining room is always appreciated so including perhaps a Victorian styled mirrored armoire creates a visual splash at the same time making the room appear more open. There is nothing like candles or lights reflecting off of mirrors to activate a space.

Dining room chairs can be mixed for a pleasant, relaxing feel. A bunch of chairs all lined up exactly the same screams “at attention” rather than “sit and stay awhile”. We want our family and friends to be at home in our home so be sure you are sending out the right message. If you have the room adding a modern sectional sofa nearby can add a wonderful link to conversation groups between rooms as well as providing additional seating.



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