Choosing the Right Bedroom Furniture

Posted on 25th August 2011 in Bedroom

The idea of starting from scratch in our home or in any space that we spend a lot of time in is a not as difficult as it sounds. The best way to do this is to literally empty the room and then stand back and do an assessment of the space.

How does this room function? How should it function? The next question to ask is, are there changes that need to be made to the room itself? This would be the perfect time to seal any cracks in the walls or the ceiling. Try to include some simple energy saving measures by placing outlet seals made specifically for electrical and light switches. Weather stripping around your windows would be another great idea for controlling air infiltration. High quality modern furniture will last longer in rooms where air temperature and humidity are maintained at a constant level so these tips will really help.

Repainting with a low VOC paint will freshen the room and avoid those nasty smells associated with yesterday’s typical paints. Available in a wonderful range of colors, try using at least two colors to add depth to the room. An interesting technique is to paint the ceiling a slightly lighter color than the walls or a dark shade. Modern furniture plays well against both visual techniques. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. It is just paint. Not satisfied, try again with another color scheme. Be sure to take into account the natural daylight that is available in the room as well as night shadows.

Keep the flooring simple with an easy to maintain floor. Carpets hold dust and dirt so if you like the soft surface under your feet, try a modern oversized rug. It can add a design punch as well as providing for ease of maintenance and can be exchanged for a different one for a fresh look.

The modern bedroom furniture should be selected with quality and modern furniture design style in mind. Include a Zen inspired side table next to the bed. A mirrored contemporary dresser will add sizzle to the space as well as providing for a feeling that the bedroom is bigger than it is. A Baroque armchair is a perfect addition for both practical and fun function. Try not to clutter the room with a lot of little accessories especially at the floor level. A few well chosen pieces with Zen, eclectic or Scandinavian styling will serve you well for a bedroom that is relaxing and all your own.

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