Best colors for your patio furniture

Posted on 21st July 2011 in Outdoor

In the early 19th century, when one envisioned patio furniture, it was either the rockers Grandma used to set out on her porch, metal and plastic deck chairs, or the white wicker furniture popular with the upper classes. These wasn’t much variety and the patio furniture wasn’t a part of the house that many average homeowners, and especially renters, worried about having designer outdoor furniture. Many times a few picnic benches sufficed as outdoor furniture so the kids could dine outside, but actually engaging with guests and family ouside was either extremely casual or relied on major events for a nice furniture setup outside. But as modern technology has changed, so has the manufacturing and design of outdoor furniture. In addition to a variety of styles and designs that are much more durable than ever before, the colors available are vivid reminders that the outside patio area deserves as much attention and styling as the rest of the house. So how do you choose the best colors for your outdoor patio furniture? Obviously your first clue is to look at the colors of your walls, flooring, tiles, pool area. Typically most homes are shades of browns to reds to white and creams with shades in between, so you want to find the best colors to work with what you already have unless you plan to redo the entire area before you purchase outdoor patio furniture for your home. Most people aren’t starting from a blank palette, and typically don’t want to repaint their whole house just to buy patio furniture so work with what they have available. In some case, you only have a small patio space to work with, and if you are a renter, have even less options to work with. The best way to move forward in patio furniture is look for a basic color in the base chair and accessorize with colored cushions. Most metals are pretty standard in color as are wood deck chairs, but modern patio furniture made of a synthetic rattan or a resin material are becoming very popular and are available in a variety of colors, mostly though in browns, blacks and whites for the chairs. But some furniture stores are leading the trend by adding a multitude of surprise colors for the cushions, allowing designers a wide variety of options, including lime green, red, turquoise, blue among others.

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