Comparing Outdoor and Garden Furniture

Posted on 23rd August 2011 in Outdoor

When comparing outdoor and garden furniture is there really a difference? Yes, no, maybe, exciting let’s mix it up! So what constitutes garden furniture? The single metal folded chair tucked next to a flower arbor with a wishing well nearby. Perhaps it is a single stool or a lone bench used more by the squirrels than you, time to become a part of your outdoors and make your garden furniture your outdoor furniture as well.

Modern outdoor furniture should provide comfortable seating suitable for all types of weather. While a modern sectional sofa and armchairs can provide seating for a lot of family and friends don’t forget places to layout such as a modern lounge and furniture that goes from plain to picnic. Include more than one modern outdoor dining table to spread friends and good conversation around. Benches can provide flexible seating either pulled up to a dining table or pulled away for extra places to lie out and enjoy the sun.

Outdoor rooms which is how we have come to enjoy our outdoor space are an extension of our modern interiors, bringing with it comfort and great styling. Creating this link between inside and outside allows an easy flow of nature to be celebrated outside and enjoyed inside. Modern furniture compliments nature’s landscape allowing for the beauty of nature to be highlighted. Natural wicker wood pieces fit nicely into any setting echoing the branches of nearby bushes.

Look to the garden to be inspired in selecting modern outdoor patio furniture. Typical garden furniture was typically one piece strategically placed to allow for quiet contemplation of perhaps a nearby waterfall or a perfect bloom on a flowering hibiscus in a Miami backyard. With fragrance and the soft rustle of the wind of brushing leaves, look for these opportunities to incorporate modern furniture pieces into the natural setting. They should become a part of the outside.

However, it is not necessary to match colors or disappear into the landscaping but rather a boldly patterned cushion on a modern outdoor sofa can be just the spark that makes the outdoor space just a bit more intriguing. Be sure to include some eclectic modern accessories that can be used for today’s garden art. The surprising find of a metal frog tucked in between the fork of a tree is a fun and novel way to decorate the outside. Look to typical garden furniture to bridge the past and the today; the expected and the unexpected.

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