Decorating with minimalist styles and modern furniture

Posted on 12th October 2011 in Dining room

Decorating in the minimalist style is achieved when choosing modern or contemporary furniture for your home.  These styles embody clean lines, inviting drama and sophistication to come from other objects you may already possess, whether they be classic traditional, bohemian or eclectic.

When selecting modern furniture, consider two important elements of your space:  the amount of natural light the room enjoys and the expected use of the area.  All rooms of the house require seating, and that you’ve decided on modern furniture is important, as the non-structured component of this style offers a variety of seating.  Chrome or brushed aluminum legs are as likely for dining and kitchen tables and chairs.  Sectional sofas and chairs evoke a modern element in their mobility, a far cry from the heavy furniture from the past.  Movability is an important feature for example when considering furniture requirements for the entertaining or family room.  Seating can be moved around the room according to need, allowing seating by the computer, or for clustering in individual groups when entertaining. In addition, when one or two ottomans enter the mix, more seating is available.  Another “modern” feature is the lucrative storage provided in these pieces — keeping your space clutter-free of DVDs, video cassettes, etc., maintaining a clean, light environment.  The type of material is another another important factor – the modern look of tufted leather or textured fabric is visible in a variety of vibrant patterns and colors.

The minimalist theme continues with the accent tables – coffee tables and end tables should also be mobile and multi-functional.   Choosing end table cubes are playful and useful choice, and are available with a wooden top, perfect when needed as a tray, which can be lifted, revealing a storage bin.  The cube’s sides might also contain a pouch for magazines.

Lighting sources might very well be the most modern component; here track lighting or free standing lamps allow that all table space is reserved for small plates or cups, perhaps a book.

Painting the walls stark white continues a clutter-free perception.  Add color to the walls in the form of bright lithographs on one side; a large mirror on the opposite wall complements and expands the space.

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