Furniture You Should Buy According to Your Style

Posted on 2nd September 2011 in Living Room

Style is a word that can be used in so many different applications. It can mean a manner of writing, fashion, a type of music, a genre of film or define a language of design. Once you have decided upon which aspect you are discussing, defining your personal style can be both challenging and fun. Think of yourself as a detective looking for clues that provide the pieces to making a room or an entire house or office work within a given style.

Modern furniture design is an easy and accessible style to explore as it lends itself to being used as the basis for design decisions that incorporate the needs and desires for any space. Are you the formal kind of person who delights in symmetrical lines and strong statement furniture pieces? This might suggest your style is minimalist modern where each and every piece of contemporary furniture stands on its own with no additional fuss or frill. Clean and uncluttered it can provide a refreshingly open palette that lends itself well to an all white palette, emphasizing textures, shadows and nuances. Modern furniture design can also incorporate bold, vibrant colors in creative and seemingly impossible shapes, sizes and configurations. Modern furniture design can definitely display a sense of humor and challenge the laws of nature.

Maybe your style is based around your desire for a space that is more like a retreat where you have time to reflect and enjoy the quieter moments of life. Zen modern furniture might be a style you could consider learning more about. Emphasizing natural materials that seek to incorporate everyday living into modern furniture, rattan armchairs and low slung wood side tables provide for opportunities to savor life. A Scandinavian style bed, with its crisp clean lines and emphasis on wood with quality craftsmanship can work well with this style providing modernist styling with great functional use.

Perhaps you are drawn to the classic lines of Italian or Baroque furniture but don’t care for the excess amount of detailing. Today’s Baroque modern furniture pays attention to the detailing of the past and includes just enough to make it interesting but not so much as to seem overdone. It is a great way to include a bit of frill without the heaviness that traditional, dark wood furniture usually seems to introduce into a space. With armchairs and sofas reinterpreted and produced in all white, it is a delightful way to include both the past and the present into any space of your home.

Style should be personal and it should be whatever you want it to be. Explore and find the elements in modern furniture design that speak to you.








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