Furniture is an investment that requires meticulous selection

Posted on 8th September 2011 in Office

Investment is an important though often overlooked aspect when buying modern furniture. We have a tendency to look for the style of the piece. What do we like? Baroque, Zen, ultra-contemporary, Italian or minimalist modern furniture design and of course this is very important. It speaks about who we are and what defines our design style. So while we may be busy wowing our neighbors and friends, quality of material and craftsmanship will insure that the modern sofa we so fell in love with can be passed down from generation to generation.

Look for modern furniture that has classic good looks and not simply the latest trend. While some can be a great investment because the modern furniture lines are being produced by an up and coming design star, it shouldn’t be so fleeting a design trend that instead of looking unique and fresh it looks old and passé. Some of the crazy and wildly imaginative pieces from the modern furniture designers during the 1950’s endure until today however, some of have disappeared because their appeal was too narrow and the quality of materials and construction were absent.

Handcrafted wood or just about anything that is handmade is a good investment as it value lies in the craftsmanship. Some of the original modern furniture designers especially many of the ones schooled at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts graduated with a sound understanding of cabinetry and furniture making. This dedication to high quality construction techniques and the innovative use of materials produced modern furniture that endures until today. It is not just classic furniture that brings in this added value, quality will always be valued.

Materials should be long lasting. Fabric is a versatile and adaptable choice however, leather will last considerably longer. Your lifestyle and ability to maintain the modern furniture can help be a guide in determining which finish works better for you. Look at the evenness of stains or paints for a flawless finish which is an important consideration for long lasting value and beauty.

If buying the latest modern furniture lines that are produced by today’s hot, new designers is something that captures your interest then make sure to take the time to visit a local modern furniture showroom to see these pieces up close as well as being able to ask questions of the store’s associates. Knowing the inside information will help you decide what pieces will be a sound investment for your future.


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