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Posted on 28th July 2011 in Outdoor

Selecting backyard or patio furniture might be a daunting experience, but approaching the task as a painter to her easel, the project might turn out to be more fun than you thought.  Consider the space at hand as well as the terrain.  Is your backyard or patio area dotted with by trees or planted bushes, grass or cement?  How you will be using the space is another consideration and most important, how do you want that space to look?  Now’s the time to refer to that bulging file of magazine clippings you’ve been collecting, containing ideas about the mood or style you’ve always wanted to create.  You can either extend your indoor decorating style outdoors or create a whole new style.  From easy, laid back entertaining to elegant and sophisticated…create the space which makes you comfortable.

Various factors affect a decision of the type of outdoor furniture to choose.  The array of materials along with one’s personal style will determine the creation of a garden landscape.  Basic items such as tables and chairs can be complemented by an almost dizzying array of accessories – whether table top décor or statuary.  Tables, chairs, loungers, rockers, and more abound in wood, synthetic rattan, marble, wrought iron, plastic, aluminum or steel.  Feel free to mix and match among these choices to find a style that says it’s yours.

Whenever possible, patio furniture should rest on brick and not the lawn.  It’s not only bad for the furniture but the lawn as well.

Choose tables and chairs that are eye-pleasing, charming and essentially functional.  While a large area can accommodate a rectangle or a wider angle table, a more confined space can be made to appear larger by selecting a smaller table and chair set.  Adding a garden bench or cozy chair and table away from the dining area creates an interesting and soothing quiet space.  Spice up the area with a bright umbrella, making sure it is the right size to afford generous protection for the table.  It should be light in color, rather than black, to reflect the sun’s rays.  Colorful and festive table-top accessories are great ways to fill up space:  think bold, assorted shape napkin ring holders, colorful napkins and tablecloths, and colorful tableware.

Bird baths, water pieces, ponds and fountains are other ways of introducing an atmosphere of calm and serenity.  Marble or wood are good choices which can complement a wider variety of furniture.  A wooden covered trellis near a water piece can create the idea of a secret garden, and stepping inside, a garden bench offers a quiet place to rest, read or reflect.  Hammocks also afford a laid back summer attitude, and are best placed in a quieter section of your backyard.

Marble and wood, plastic and bamboo are among the materials all have advantages.  Wood is popular, but is affected by weather and soil, and requires maintenance.  Plastic is light, easily transportable, is available in a wide variety of colors and styles.  Its drawback is that it is not as durable as wood and is affected by wind, humidity and harsh sun.  Marble and wrought iron are choices reflecting elegance and sophistication.  Both are resistant to rain and sun, and can be easily cleaned with soapy water.  Both materials are heavy and are susceptible to breaks.  However, if you are looking to achieve an elegant space, marble or wrought iron are the ideal materials to create the atmosphere.

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