Guidelines in choosing the right sectional sofa

Posted on 12th September 2011 in Living Room

Choosing the seating for your living room or den offers a multitude of choices, but when it comes down to making the final purchase, the logistics of the space being outfitted along with how you are planning to utilize the area, will dictate the piece or pieces you ultimately select.

Sectional sofas accommodate the visual perception of plentiful seating, adjusting to the space.  A perfect choice for large or small apartments, sectionals can function independently, which allows for the space constraints of a small apartment.

As with any major furniture purchase, take measurements of the walls and the area you are furnishing; bring the measurements with you as you shop; or have them handy if you are shopping for the sectionals online.  If the main wall will not support a full length sofa, one sectional can be placed dead center with another sectional either directly opposite or adjacent at a right angle.  Both set ups can include a coffee table.  The smaller proportion of the sofas takes on a love-seat effect, producing a cozy and intimate space.

Similarly, a larger space can comfortably house a longer sofa and a smaller one.  Here, place the full size sofa on the long wall, and the small piece at a right angle.  As a bit more balance might be required for this scenario, you might choose an interesting end table next to the small sofa, or a bold upright lamp.  Both options provide creative length to the smaller piece.

Not only do sectionals provide needed seating, (you can usually include a recliner feature for small or full size units), but they can also keep up with your houseguests, providing additional sleep quarters.  If you are require seating that functions as both, be sure that where you place the sofa allows for it to be opened to its full capacity.

Fabric is a factor as well.  If the sectionals are to be part of the family room or den, avoid delicate fabric.  Instead, choose materials which will hold its own against stains, and heavier than usual wear and tear.  You might consider the additional expense of protecting the furniture with a process such as Scotchguard™.

Very carefully examine your room, making sure it can accommodate the sectional pieces.  Keep in mind there are other fixed objects in the room which the furniture will be nestle among:  windows, fireplace, built-in shelves, door way.  Planning the proper balance of the sofas to other room objects (tables, chairs, lamps), ensures that your room will be well-proportioned, comfortable and user-friendly.

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