Remodel your dining room with modern furniture

Posted on 27th September 2011 in Dining room

While it may seem that summer just ended, if we look ahead, the holidays are right around the corner. We want our dining room to look especially attractive, welcoming to our family and friends.

Faced with the same set you inherited from your in-laws or a well meaning grandmother? Perhaps it is time to reassess your dining room and make sure that it fits your contemporary lifestyle. It is not necessary anymore to have the ubiquitous dining room table with individual chairs.

Try a stylish approach that can also accommodate more guests more comfortably. It is not uncommon to find a modern sofa being used as part of the seating arrangement. Designed to provide maximum flexibility with great styling, it breaks up the traditional expectations as to what a dining room is supposed to look like.

If space is at a premium, consider a modern Zen bench instead. This works really well for children who enjoy sitting close to each other while maximizing your use of space. It is easy to move back and forth and can easily be covered in stain resistant fabric or solid wood for easy clean up. Either way it provides you with more options for seating.

Another consideration in remodeling your dining room is selecting a few pieces that can double as a storage space and as a buffet top. A modern storage unit or a wall unit can be a great, unexpected piece to include in a dining room. If you happen to have a large open floor plan but would prefer some delineation of space without closing it off, a modern storage unit can serve double purpose here. It allows for the flow of conversation, with minimum break in visual line while providing maximum storage. These are options to the china cabinet solution of the past.

The dining room table no longer reserved for only special occasions, host to homework books and special projects, should be flexible enough to include room to stretch out. Modern furniture designers have ingeniously included leaves that slide in and out under the table along with surface materials that are forgiving to use. Tempered glass is an easy and elegant choice that provides a nice hard surface that looks great with candlelight.

Don’t forget the accessories! Lighting is particularly important in this room so a few modern light fixtures with variable light levels allows for whatever ambience you need in the space. Let the personal decorations that you have collected over the years be the sparkle that makes your dining room ready for all of the holidays, enjoy!





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