Ideas to give your home a fresh look with Modern Furniture

Posted on 22nd July 2011 in Living Room

Summer is such a great time of year with flowers in full bloom, warm, wonderful sunshine and a more carefree attitude. Bring this into your home by opening up the windows, bring in the sunlight and enjoy the season. As your home opens up we begin to notice that perhaps it’s been awhile since we gave our home a once over. Maybe now would be the perfect time to freshen up your home with modern furniture.

Versatile, adaptable to any other style you already currently have in your home, it is a natural for mixing and matching. Sometimes homes become tired looking because quality furniture and style somehow have become equated with traditional styled furniture. Nothing could be further from the truth. Timeless design can be any style that appeals to you and modern furniture definitely fits that category.

So what to consider when changing these around and out, look at seating and how your spaces are used. Is the dining room table big enough? Are the chairs bulky or would some modern styled Eames inspired molded plywood chairs be a great addition to the space adding lightness and a sense of adventure.

How about the living room? Is everything matching? While it may look great in a furniture store it can become a one note song very quickly losing its zest. A modern sofa with lines that curve and punctuate asymmetrical space adds interest while providing practical seating space, a wonderful attribute of modern furniture combining both function and form together. Keeping things simple and everything in its place creates the opportunity to put clutter behind closed doors. The less the eye sees the more open a space feels creating a sense of freshness.

Color is always a great way to liven things up and modern furniture is known for its bold use of color. While poppy pink might not be everyone’s first choice it makes a dramatic choice placed in an all white and black motif. Think pink and you might surprise yourself how this color can be brought into a space. Be sure to follow the rule “less is more” otherwise you might end up being overwhelmed by such a vibrant color.

If budget is a consideration and buying a bunch of modern furniture is stretching the dollars a bit, updating lighting and accessories are a sure standby for changing the look of a room creating that fresh new look you were searching for.


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