Modern Furniture Design – making smaller spaces seem larger

Posted on 12th August 2011 in Living Room

We all want lots of space to spread out in but space sometimes comes at a hefty price so in today’s economy understanding design tricks to make a smaller space seem larger is worth exploring.

Open floor plans are common merging rooms such as the living room and dining room into one large open space with easy visibility into the kitchen to allow a free flow of conversation. When we start adding furniture into these open spaces it can quickly seem cluttered and no longer feeling open and spacious.

Modern furniture is what is needed as strikingly clean lines help to define a space as well as avoid visual clutter. The key element to making this work is to avoid a bunch of smaller pieces. Using a few well designed modern furniture pieces can define and anchor a space. A modern sofa with a pair of Baroque armchairs and a tempered glass topped contemporary coffee table provides an instant great conversation area that is not either over crowded or cluttered.

Now it is easy to bring in a Scandinavian dining room table. Making a bold single statement in the space it works well paired with mismatched chairs and the latest trend in modern furniture design, a sofa on one side for seating. The chairs while not matching should have some element in common. In this way they relate to each other but avoid the visual bulk of identical items lined up in a row. The shifting lines of the sofa and the chairs create interest allowing the eye to acknowledge their uniqueness visually understanding each on its own rather than chairs en masse. This easy trick, rather than encouraging scanning an entire room at once which has a tendency to flatten the space, makes the eye wander and settle. This helps to make a smaller space appear larger.

Another way to create an illusion of more space is to use mirrors and glass strategically. Glass allows the eye to see through and beyond so glass on top of the dining room table immediately makes the space feel more open and lighter. One simple designer trick is to include translucent dining room chairs, again creating a sense of openness.

Another method to explore is keeping everything in the same color palette. This is one of the reasons that all white design palettes are popular as it keeps the space feeling open and fresh. Modern furniture is available in all white that can lend spaciousness and a sense of modern furniture cool. Tying elements together provides a professional and well designed modern look.



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