Modern furniture designs ideas that create a living room with better functionality

Posted on 20th July 2011 in Living Room

When designing a living room with modern furniture, it’s easy to get carried away with purchasing gorgeous pieces that aren’t exactly functional. These days, with families able to buy a wide variety of products for the home, it’s easy to get creative in your interior design and look for the craziest styles, colors and shapes. But if you are looking for modern furniture design ideas that create a living room with better functionality, here are a few ideas to help you during the design process to create a modern living room that suits your taste, uses modern design and colors and is functional for the homeowner to use on a regular basis. What are some things you should consider when designing a modern living room?

First you need to consider what type of storage space you have available and if you will need to add a lot more storage space to your design. This is usually a big deal with most homeowners since there is never enough space to store all your belongings in closets or shelves. One modern furniture design idea is to look for a modern TV stand or console. In addition for room for a television on top as well as other modern electronics such as a DVD player, Blu-ray or even a video game system, modern TV stands or consoles have plenty of room to hide away clutter, books, photo albums, movies, anything because they are built with storage space to accommodate a modern living room design to increase functionality.

When designing the room, look for ways to open the floor plan to allow the room to flow, even spilling over and merging with the dining room, kitchen, or even your outside patio so that all the designs and furniture become a seamless approach to create stylish contemporary look to your living room. No matter how much storage space you have, you don’t want to close up the room, instead making it the hub of the house outside your dining room table.

Another design idea is to look for a sectional sofa. These couches are a modern idea that allow you to have more seating space in your living room without have to have two or three separate sofas, helpful to maintain a functional flow through the space, especially in a small home or living room.

Look for small storage boxes, modern shelves and coffee tables with small drawers or storage in. Even consider a side table that converts to a larger table to add more functional seating space but keeping the room condensed and well ordered.

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