Modern Furniture Tips for Your Home in New York

Posted on 27th July 2011 in Living Room

After browsing so many furniture stores, you sit down wearily wondering how to choose? Too many choices and you like them all. What to do?

The first tip in selecting modern furniture for your New York home is to go back again and this time be better prepared. Take with you a camera, a notepad and a tape measure. Be sure that you have taken important measurements of spaces where you intend to buy furniture for. There is nothing worse than falling in love and buying the “perfect” piece only to find it doesn’t fit! Ouch! Taking pictures along with corresponding notes provides for a clear idea of pieces you like and display arrangements. It helps to provide a clear basis for comparison and the knowledge that what you purchase will fit where you want it to. Consider bringing along a floor plan of your space with ideas for pieces you would like to include. Sales people don’t only sell, they are also usually well versed in design and furniture placement and design. They might just surprise you with some interesting alternative ideas to what you thought you absolutely knew you wanted.

The second tip is to buy the key pieces first. Too often we get distracted with accessories and forget to buy the bones of the space. A modern sofa is an important element in the living room so any other modern furniture selected for this space should be done in concert with this piece. It is similar to creating a wardrobe. Shirts are selected after jackets, skirts and slacks have been chosen. Selecting furniture is much the same.

The third tip is to buy what you like. The rule about following design rules is to know when to follow them and when to break them. This is your space, so personalize it. Walking into a living space that has incorporated outdoor patio furniture is an unexpected and can be a delightfully delicious variation on what is the norm. Colors, materials and of course, never forget lighting, all add to make this uniquely you which is what modern furniture is all about. Making rules about breaking the rules is a freeing experience. If you are in a well designed space but it does not talk to you then try again. Modern furniture comes in all styles, color, shapes, materials and configurations so with camera, tape measure and notepad in hand, you are ready to make great choices so get going!

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