Modern lines for a problem dining room

Posted on 9th August 2011 in Dining room

We would all like to think that when we find our perfect home that each and every room is perfectly designed and sized to accommodate our needs perfectly. Anyone home shopping today knows that in any perfect home there is always a compromise in what we want for each space. If you happen to have found the perfect home but with a less than perfect dining room, read on.

So, what to do with a problem dining room. You know what I am talking about, the dining room that is more like a hallway or a walk through space. How about the dining room that is tagged onto the end of the living room space like an afterthought or perhaps your dining room is next to the outdoor patio area so getting around the dining room table and chairs seems to be the more pressing issue?

Do not fret. Choosing the right pieces for the space is the first step and modern furniture provides great choices from which to choose from. With flexibility in both styling, materials and configurations it can help in accomplishing the possible from the seeming impossible.

As to the hallway dining room, the trick is to maximize the space and create a space within a space. Modern furniture with its wonderfully clean and minimal lines can support a table and chairs that take up less of the room’s space. Adding a long bench to one side can increase sitting places as well as decrease the visual clutter associated with multiple chairs. Consider turning the table sideways to the length of the room or use a round or square table. In this way the table defines more of the space and de-emphasizes the length of the room.

Another way to handle a problem dining room is to change rooms with another space. If the dining room has a fireplace along one wall this might be a good indication that perhaps this room would work better as a living space. This same idea might work well for the dining room that is directly next to a patio door. Dining rooms should not be in the way, they should be an inviting space that welcome in family and friends alike to share food, conversation and good times.

Tagged on dining rooms are easily solved by creating furniture groupings that define the space. Using a modern styled credenza as both a serving area and storage for the dining room is a great way to define and create an intimate dining room area.





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