Modern Style in Leather Furniture

Posted on 30th September 2011 in Living Room

Next time you are in a modern furniture showroom look around and pay attention to how many different textile and material coverings choices you have. Modern sofa sectionals usually have cushions that are covered with zip on covers that can be removed for easy cleaning. A great advantage when you have a particularly busy household especially with young children and pets.

Modern furniture that is covered with upholstery is also a good choice as long as the fabric has been treated to be resistant to both staining and fading which most fabric is nowadays. It is always a good idea to keep furniture out of direct sunlight as it will, despite the quality and material used, degrade the finish. The hot sun in Miami and Los Angeles is particularly aggressive.

Leather is another choice. While it would seem that leather would not be a good option especially when there are children and pets in the house, nothing could be further from the truth. Leather is a very resilient and forgiving material and actually improves with use. It needs more than anything to be kept hydrated. Similar to our need to drink water, leather needs to remain moist to retain its suppleness and color. Any treatment specifically designed to clean and restore the leather will do. Avoid using oils that lay on the surface. Instead look for products that encourage absorption into the leather itself.

Leather furniture has changed a lot since the days of heavy oversized club chairs and sofas. Today’s modern leather furniture can be any style you want; minimalist, Zen, Italian, each with its unique characteristics as a stylish and practical choice. Animals do surprisingly well. Teach them that this is not where claws get sharpened and it will hold its looks for many years to come.

Leather furniture can be paired with other modern furniture choices to create an elegant statement. With the natural color pigmentations inherent in leather, it adds an individualized look that easily mixes with many styles and can serve as a focal point in any room. A stylish ottoman can be included in a living room to provide extra seating as well as serve as a double duty surface for a tray or a board game. Be sure to look for one that has storage inside as well. This is a handy feature that keeps throws and extra pillows close at hand. Consider mixing different color leathers for a natural look that will continue to serve for years to come.


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