Best outdoor furniture for your garden

Posted on 25th July 2011 in Outdoor

Isn’t it amazing and such a wonderful idea that the way we live inside we can also bring outside? Outdoor furniture provides for all kinds of possibilities. Of course, the best is the kind that allows for tons of comfort, no maintenance and makes outdoor living fun and versatile.

Comfort is what we all crave so look for pieces that incorporate style along with the ability to group or separate. Having a party calls for groups where friends and family can congregate to share good food and good times. Looking at the stars at night calls for more intimate settings, so look for pieces that can work together or separately.

Keeping it simple and light will make your time outside in your garden on your well chosen outdoor furniture so much more relaxing. Look for pieces and materials that will wear well.  Pieces that spruce up with an occasional soap and water wash will provide for easy maintenance. While metal and wood furniture are durable and add a great look to your garden they involve a bit more care but it might just be worth it.

Metal outdoor furniture performs best with a quick once over with sand paper and a yearly coat of spray paint.  Wood furniture also benefits from a once a year coat of waterproofing. Stain can also be used to brighten up and add some color to the furniture in the garden space. Cushions are the easy and inexpensive way to change the mood of the outside. Like red? Red cushions and red flowers equal =on fire!

…And speaking of color, the best outdoor furniture for your garden compliments and works with your landscaping. Look to place a two seater bench under a tall, feathery fern or a half round table with large over scaled chairs next to a trickling waterfall. Versatility is key and certainly have fun with your patio collection. Always follow the golden rule, mix and match. Matching pieces have a tendency to flatten the space and take the life out of it. Look to the colors in your flowers and the textures of the leaves for inspiration for hues and textures.

As always, pull it together with accessories. What is wonderful outdoor furniture without the sparkle? Look to modern or cottage style to work with your garden space. It is the combination of all the elements of great design and garden landscaping that makes this work the best!



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