An overview of modern bedroom furnishings

Posted on 28th September 2011 in Bedroom

Our bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and one of the most private. Here we retreat to rest and recharge, prepare for the next day and just have a quiet moment to ourselves. Our bedroom should reflect those needs and provide with abundance. In a world where life perhaps moves a little too fast and seems cluttered with endless “to do’s’, we need this space to be as special to us as we are.

Purchasing a bed that is comfortable speaks to our sense of modern styling setting the tone for the rest of the room.  There is no need to buy just any bed as there are so many stylish choices. Zen provides clean, natural lines. Minimalist works best with just about everything and Baroque can add a bit of theatre which can be very relaxing. Modern furniture designers are known for their sometimes whimsical and humorous use of materials, colors and forms to provide for the basics of function while creating an imaginative form.

Once the bed is selected, follow this with an ample dresser; one large is better than two small. Bedrooms are typically smaller than other rooms in a house so a few larger pieces rather than a bunch of smaller pieces will look more at home and create a sense of openness.

Adding a chair or an ottoman provides a convenient landing spot as well as adding a more storage. Color and accessories are the elements in the bedroom that create the ambience you are looking for. When selecting accessories be sure you have included adequate and available lighting as well as adding flexibility.

Consider a modern wall unit that can easily accommodate a television as well as electronic equipment, books, personal items and storage for the small stuff of everyday life that we would rather hide behind some decorative doors. Be sure to include some reflective elements to add a bit of sparkle o the room.

This can be accomplished by including a mirror or a series of mirrors. Reflections in a space are an intriguing way to juxtapose items together that are not physically together but rather in reflection create an interesting relationship. Another way to add some sparkle is to include some throw pillows that have been decorated with beads or metallic accents. Of course, adding candles is an easy and effective way to complete a special personal retreat.



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