Modern Style in Leather Furniture

Posted on 30th September 2011 in Living Room

Next time you are in a modern furniture showroom look around and pay attention to how many different textile and material coverings choices you have. Modern sofa sectionals usually have cushions that are covered with zip on covers that can be removed for easy cleaning. A great advantage when you have a particularly busy household especially with young children and pets.

Modern furniture that is covered with upholstery is also a good choice as long as the fabric has been treated to be resistant to both staining and fading which most fabric is nowadays. It is always a good idea to keep furniture out of direct sunlight as it will, despite the quality and material used, degrade the finish. The hot sun in Miami and Los Angeles is particularly aggressive.

Leather is another choice. While it would seem that leather would not be a good option especially when there are children and pets in the house, nothing could be further from the truth. Leather is a very resilient and forgiving material and actually improves with use. It needs more than anything to be kept hydrated. Similar to our need to drink water, leather needs to remain moist to retain its suppleness and color. Any treatment specifically designed to clean and restore the leather will do. Avoid using oils that lay on the surface. Instead look for products that encourage absorption into the leather itself.

Leather furniture has changed a lot since the days of heavy oversized club chairs and sofas. Today’s modern leather furniture can be any style you want; minimalist, Zen, Italian, each with its unique characteristics as a stylish and practical choice. Animals do surprisingly well. Teach them that this is not where claws get sharpened and it will hold its looks for many years to come.

Leather furniture can be paired with other modern furniture choices to create an elegant statement. With the natural color pigmentations inherent in leather, it adds an individualized look that easily mixes with many styles and can serve as a focal point in any room. A stylish ottoman can be included in a living room to provide extra seating as well as serve as a double duty surface for a tray or a board game. Be sure to look for one that has storage inside as well. This is a handy feature that keeps throws and extra pillows close at hand. Consider mixing different color leathers for a natural look that will continue to serve for years to come.


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Combining a unique look with modern furniture

Posted on 29th September 2011 in Living Room

Modern furniture got its name because it chose to examine what was considered traditional, expected and then deliberately deviated away from the norm. The designers both of yesterday and today are encouraged to experiment with new materials in new ways and traditionally used materials incorporating innovative methods. It can be said that they deliberately question everything they have been exposed to and then through this process, twist that reality into a playful, imaginative and sometimes breathtakingly beautiful piece of modern furniture and accessories designs.

Because of this wonderful base upon which all modern designers work from, it is no wonder that there seems to be an endless stream of creative modern furniture and accessories available today.

With so much from which to choose, it is easy to design spaces in your home and office that are unique, creating a statement that spotlights you as the individual that you are.

Under the umbrella of modern furniture design, there are many styles to select from including the modern more traditional Scandinavian, minimalist, Baroque, Italian, contemporary, Zen and more. The best way to navigate these many different styles is to visit a modern furniture showroom. Here, you can browse to your heart’s content, sit and touch the pieces that interest you and imagine them inside your spaces. With helpful and knowledge sales associates to assist, ask questions so you understand what a great investment you are making.

Try to not buy matched sets. This may look great on a showroom floor but it is missing the touch that only you can bring to the design mix. Think about ways to integrate seemingly disparate styles that provide the function you need with the look and ambience you want. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. There really is no wrong or right to decorating. If you are buying what you like and including a unifying element, it will work.

Maybe your style is world traveler as you have collected pieces from all over the world. Show this off with a modern wall unit and perhaps some low slung modern side tables where you can both show off your special find as well as make it accessible for family and friends to admire it up close. Dressers are another great way to display found objects. Modern furniture design is known for its capacity to provide many display places with ample storage as well.






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An overview of modern bedroom furnishings

Posted on 28th September 2011 in Bedroom

Our bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and one of the most private. Here we retreat to rest and recharge, prepare for the next day and just have a quiet moment to ourselves. Our bedroom should reflect those needs and provide with abundance. In a world where life perhaps moves a little too fast and seems cluttered with endless “to do’s’, we need this space to be as special to us as we are.

Purchasing a bed that is comfortable speaks to our sense of modern styling setting the tone for the rest of the room.  There is no need to buy just any bed as there are so many stylish choices. Zen provides clean, natural lines. Minimalist works best with just about everything and Baroque can add a bit of theatre which can be very relaxing. Modern furniture designers are known for their sometimes whimsical and humorous use of materials, colors and forms to provide for the basics of function while creating an imaginative form.

Once the bed is selected, follow this with an ample dresser; one large is better than two small. Bedrooms are typically smaller than other rooms in a house so a few larger pieces rather than a bunch of smaller pieces will look more at home and create a sense of openness.

Adding a chair or an ottoman provides a convenient landing spot as well as adding a more storage. Color and accessories are the elements in the bedroom that create the ambience you are looking for. When selecting accessories be sure you have included adequate and available lighting as well as adding flexibility.

Consider a modern wall unit that can easily accommodate a television as well as electronic equipment, books, personal items and storage for the small stuff of everyday life that we would rather hide behind some decorative doors. Be sure to include some reflective elements to add a bit of sparkle o the room.

This can be accomplished by including a mirror or a series of mirrors. Reflections in a space are an intriguing way to juxtapose items together that are not physically together but rather in reflection create an interesting relationship. Another way to add some sparkle is to include some throw pillows that have been decorated with beads or metallic accents. Of course, adding candles is an easy and effective way to complete a special personal retreat.



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Remodel your dining room with modern furniture

Posted on 27th September 2011 in Dining room

While it may seem that summer just ended, if we look ahead, the holidays are right around the corner. We want our dining room to look especially attractive, welcoming to our family and friends.

Faced with the same set you inherited from your in-laws or a well meaning grandmother? Perhaps it is time to reassess your dining room and make sure that it fits your contemporary lifestyle. It is not necessary anymore to have the ubiquitous dining room table with individual chairs.

Try a stylish approach that can also accommodate more guests more comfortably. It is not uncommon to find a modern sofa being used as part of the seating arrangement. Designed to provide maximum flexibility with great styling, it breaks up the traditional expectations as to what a dining room is supposed to look like.

If space is at a premium, consider a modern Zen bench instead. This works really well for children who enjoy sitting close to each other while maximizing your use of space. It is easy to move back and forth and can easily be covered in stain resistant fabric or solid wood for easy clean up. Either way it provides you with more options for seating.

Another consideration in remodeling your dining room is selecting a few pieces that can double as a storage space and as a buffet top. A modern storage unit or a wall unit can be a great, unexpected piece to include in a dining room. If you happen to have a large open floor plan but would prefer some delineation of space without closing it off, a modern storage unit can serve double purpose here. It allows for the flow of conversation, with minimum break in visual line while providing maximum storage. These are options to the china cabinet solution of the past.

The dining room table no longer reserved for only special occasions, host to homework books and special projects, should be flexible enough to include room to stretch out. Modern furniture designers have ingeniously included leaves that slide in and out under the table along with surface materials that are forgiving to use. Tempered glass is an easy and elegant choice that provides a nice hard surface that looks great with candlelight.

Don’t forget the accessories! Lighting is particularly important in this room so a few modern light fixtures with variable light levels allows for whatever ambience you need in the space. Let the personal decorations that you have collected over the years be the sparkle that makes your dining room ready for all of the holidays, enjoy!





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Choosing a modern furniture store

Posted on 26th September 2011 in Living Room

Choosing the best modern furniture store offers as many possibilities as the selection of modern furniture there is to be had!  Whether your purchase will occur at the retail level or with an online retailer, plan your furniture needs in advance.

Modern or contemporary furniture offer clean lines, drama and sophistication – with the ability to blend with eclectic or classic pieces you already own.  Quality, functionality and practicality should be factored into your budget. Remember that you’ll be living with your furniture for a good amount of time.

A major purchase such as furniture should be conducted with a company with an established reputation for quality and reliability, whose clear and concise policies covering returns, damage, shipping delays, and other important customer service issues are readily accessible to customers.  Major department stores, local and national furniture store chains, lifestyle brands chains, etc. ensure that they are the authorized dealer for the contemporary brands you are searching for.

Visiting furniture showrooms can make easy business of putting a room together, as all of the pieces are displayed and grouped accordingly.  The room models are also completely accessorized, visually incorporating color, carpet, lighting, seating and tableware.  Once you have narrowed down the furniture you are interested in purchasing, get a firm answer from the salesman about what’s in stock and when delivery will take place.  In the same manner, online furniture shopping advises the customer if an item is “in stock” as well as the expected ship dates.

Online furniture websites offer virtual environments, allowing the customer to put a room together, or “shop” a particular look.  Comparing prices, availability and shipping among several stores is much more manageable online – with the benefit of not having to make all of your purchases through one retailer.

The right modern furniture store is the shopping experience which meets your needs and your expectations.


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How to Choose the Most Suitable furniture For each bedroom

Posted on 22nd September 2011 in Bedroom

Modern bedroom furniture setEach and every bedroom has a unique user. For adults, the kids, the guest bedroom, each room’s needs are different so when looking for suitable furniture consider both the immediate and long-term use of the furniture so you can enjoy your modern furniture purchases for years to come.

First, choose pieces for their style, their quality of materials and construction and for their durability. Style can be whatever appeals to you and mixing things up a little is refreshing keeping a room from looking dated. Modern furniture style is contemporary and works well with just about every kind of bedroom need. Designed with both form and function as equally important qualities, you are sure to find modern furniture pieces that will enhance each kind of bedroom.

A nursery is perhaps the one room that needs the most attention to both present and future needs. A crib that can grow up with the child is best. This provides the kind of flexibility you want to look for. This saves having to buy again as well encourages buying high quality to begin with. A sign of quality modern furniture design is being able to pass it down from generation to generation. Most modern furniture designers pride themselves on producing well made furniture that adds a distinct design element in your home. A dresser is essential in a nursery.

In the children’s bedrooms, while attention should be paid to providing the basics, a bed and a dresser, don’t forget a night stand, one will do, and a place to do homework. Having a big, comfy chair to sit in while listening to music or talking on the phone, makes their space fun and more livable, an essential. Italian furniture with its wonderful laminate surfaces repels dirt and makes keeping their room looking new and fresh a whole lot easier.

An adult bedroom should include space for resting or dressing such as a modern two seater sofa or an oversized modern chair. It should also include a modern television stand that can second as a handy storage cabinet. Adults will also probable want a night table on either side of the bed as well as a place to store some books or an extra pillow. Consider buying a platform bed that includes handy storage drawers under the base of the bed.

Lastl, the guest bedroom needs are the same as the adults. Be sure to include some accessories and some wall art to give it a touch of personality.


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The Difference of Buying Modern Furniture From Online and your Local Stores

Posted on 21st September 2011 in Living Room

Buying online is such a relaxing way to pursue and buy modern furniture. Sitting back with perhaps a glass of wine, you can imagine beautiful pieces of modern furniture drifting in and out of the rooms in your home. You might even get inspired to reassess the furniture in your office. Dreaming and imaging are great ways to shop and with the power of the internet this process gets even easier.

Online you can check specials with a few clicks. If you are technology savvy, you can have your cake and eat it too. You are in a local modern furniture store and you find a minimalist red lipstick sofa that would be the dramatic statement you have been looking for your all white condo though it seems you have seen one similar before. Apps are a great tool and you can immediately find other local modern furniture stores to shop and compare. You might want to even sit in one of their comfortable Baroque styled chairs while surfing. In this way you can keep informed for both availability and do price comparison. Make sure you are purchasing smart.

Being in the store allows for that upfront and personal experience that looking at furniture online cannot provide. Sitting in a chair reminds you that true to the best in modern furniture design form and function go hand in hand. You are not supposed to live with awkward, uncomfortable furniture just to have today’s latest and trendiest designs. Quality modern furniture is furniture that can be handed down from generation to generation.

A positive about online shopping is getting the more basic financial information out of the way before allowing yourself the freedom to find your perfect two seater chair or the modern sofa sectional that you know will be a welcome addition in your living room. If need, apply for credit ahead of time so you will know how much you can spend and what you will be paying in the future. A note, sometimes modern furniture stores are more lenient with the amount and terms if you have actually found some pieces you want to buy so this might be a consideration as well.

Up and coming designers like Louise Campbell, already command prices at the higher end however, she shows promise of becoming an important modern designer. Online you can find out the latest about rising stars and buy while they are still young in their career; love her, “Bless You” chair.


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Tips on the Bedroom and Modern Bedroom Furniture.

Posted on 20th September 2011 in Bedroom

Perhaps this should start with a few golden rules. First, do not match everything in a room. While sometimes a packaged deal can be great, it may be best to take the time to find the different pieces of furniture you like. If you start with what you like and then repeat tying in a particular element such as a color, texture, pattern etc. you will be successful.

Second, when selecting the style of the furniture, look to modern furniture as offering the most value for the most design appeal. With so many different styles to select from like Baroque, minimalist, eclectic, Zen, Italian and Scandinavian, it is fun to visit a local modern furniture showroom and see the styles upfront. You just might surprise yourself by being as equally intrigued with a Baroque hallway table as an Italian armoire. Keep your options open.

Third, be sure to look for quality and a high level of craftsmanship. Textiles as well should be sun and stain resistant. No one wants a high maintenance piece of furniture no matter how beautiful.

Fourth, when you plan out how you will decorate a room avoid the urge to line furniture up along the wall. Just as the first impression reminds you more of a warehouse rather than a home, this kind of stiffness in design is also hard to live with. You can’t around any of the pieces and cleaning gets to be more difficult. Modern furniture designers go to great lengths to design for both great styling as well as practical, easy to use features. It almost makes a room feel stuffy. Pulling the modern furniture away from the wall allows the room to feel like it can breathe.

So, with these basic rules in mind, the bed does not always need to be in the middle of the room. It can be off center or angled to a corner. One of your practical considerations is the windows in the room as well as space on either side of the bed for a night stand.

Another point to consider is how much time you spend in your bedroom and especially if you watch television as well. Including a modern wall unit with hideaway doors for the television and any other electronics keep the room from looking overtaken with wires and miscellaneous. Rooms are the most restful when clutter is minimized and in a bedroom this is particularly important.


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Points to consider when choosing modern living room furniture

Posted on 19th September 2011 in Living Room

Modern sofa bed in black. Modern living room furniture is a practical choice:  it contains clean lines and at once can offer sophistication, drama and warmth.  =

Before you purchase any furniture, plan out the living room.  Will it be the media room where the family will congregate to watch tv and movies?  Will the room also house the computer?  Or will the room be used to hosting parties and other more formal entertaining?  Both require seating.

The non-structured component of modern furniture offers a variety of seating in the form of sectional sofas and chairs – an important feature for entertaining or family use as the seating can be moved around the room according to need, allowing seating by the computer, and can also be clustered for more formal entertaining.  Tufted leather ottomans provide additional seating and are available with storage capacity, keeping DVDs, video cassettes, etc. out of sight when not in use.  The living room space should maintain a clean, light environment.  Fabric will be an important factor – leather and soft fabric are available in a variety of vibrant patterns and colors.

Following the example of your seating, keep the coffee tables and/or end tables mobile and multi-functional.  End table cubes with a wood table top are a great option, and can be used as a tray with cup holders and might also contain a hidden storage compartment.  The cube’s sides might offer a pouch for magazines.

Track lighting or free-standing lamps enable table space reserved for a book or cup, and free from a lighting source.

White walls, extend the clutter-free environment; one or two lithographs can offer color; a large mirror expands the space.

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Techniques on how you can improve the look of the dining room

Posted on 16th September 2011 in Dining room

Some rooms of our homes get a lot of use like the living room, the kitchen and the dining room. Because these are the main rooms we live in day and day out, sometimes we need to pay closer attention and freshen these rooms up a bit.

The dining room is more than just a table with a bunch of chairs, it is a spot we can share the day’s stories and relax over a cup of steaming coffee. It is a place that our children can spread out their homework and work under our watchful eye as we attend to other chores. It a perfect spot to fold laundry and work on our card project or sort pictures for our photo album. It is also the spot we gather in to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and just everyday living.

With so many activities happening in one room, it should look as vibrant as the activities it supports. Take a look at your dining room table and chairs. Traditional furniture can be well, traditional and safe but is this really the way we live nowadays? Eclectic modern furniture with Zen influences and Craftsman style detailing and quality of construction might be more to our liking.

Consider perhaps a dynamic minimalist modern tempered glass topped table with leather chairs. Exciting as well as easy to take care of, it definitely can improve the look of the dining room but it does more than that. When a space makes you feel good that happiness can spread throughout the house and indeed brighten our day every day. Modern furniture with its many contemporary styles is adept at providing edgy, hip furnishings that challenge our sense of the expected. Who wants the same dull routine every day?

When bringing in modern furnishings look for strong basic items that have great sleek modern lines with high quality finishes and materials. This serves as a base upon which to include items such as a storage place for dishes and linens and mirrors, vases etc. Try to explore the options that modern furniture design provides for dish and linen storage. Gone are the days when it has to be a china cabinet. Explore using a modern storage unit that can be a vertical element in the room providing both a storage column as well as adding a unique visual anchor.

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