Things You Should Not Do When Buying Patio Furniture

Posted on 15th September 2011 in Outdoor

Probably the first thing you should not do when buying patio furniture is simply fall in love with a set with no regard to how it is going to be used or where it is going to fit.

Another thing you should probably not do is buy without regard to its durability or ability to withstand the elements. Rain, wind and sun are particularly damaging to outdoor patio furniture. It can decimate a poorly made set with cheap materials. One thing you do not need to do is to throw your money away. Buying high quality patio furniture with modern styling will prove to be a good investment providing years of service with a minimum of upkeep.

Never buy patio furniture that needs special protection. Unless you are comfortable with constantly covering and lugging furniture around, well designed modern patio furniture can withstand the elements with aplomb. A yearly check up should be all that is needed whether it is washing or a lightly applied fresh coating of paint or sealant.

Avoid buying pillows that need to be thoroughly dry before you can sit on them. A good pillow should repel water quickly so a quick shake should do it. Especially in a city like Miami where tropical storms are a part of everyday life, we need cushions that can effectively deal with this.

Another consideration, since we are now talking about Miami, don’t buy furniture that is so light that it will blow away in a strong wind. The area prone to heavy tropical storms and hurricanes, patio furniture should be able to withstand tropical storms without blowing away and able to be easily folded in case of a hurricane. High quality modern patio furniture should be able to provide both.

Since we have looked at what you shouldn’t do, how about what you should do. Look for modern patio furniture that allows for it to be added on to. Being able to buy additional pieces to what we already have allows us to expand our patio furniture collection one piece at a time. A Modern sectional sofa is a great piece of furniture as it has all the attributes of good outdoor modern patio furniture and feels like a living room outside. Add some tempered glass side tables and main dining table and you have all the ingredients for modern patio furniture that will last for years to come.

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The selection of the dining room furniture is an important decision for a new home owner.

Posted on 14th September 2011 in Dining room

Congratulations on being a new home owner! Now comes the fun part, searching out the perfect modern dining room furniture for one of the most important rooms in the house.  Our dining room table says a lot about us and how we welcome our family and friends.

Selecting furniture for the dining room, just like modern design, should consider both form and function. It is a great benefit that many of the best modern furniture designers do both so well at the same time. A glass topped dining room table is at once elegantly modern and easy to clean.

Assessing the size and shape of your dining room will aid in deciding what furniture can and should fit in the space. Round tables are especially nice as they can accommodate with more flexibility how many people can fit around it. Modern furniture design is particularly conscience of minimizing ornate details that can bump into knees and instead design with comfort in mind all the while maintaining a sleek and minimalistic look. Round tables fit best into square rooms. If your dining room happens to be more rectangular you might want to look for a rectangular table as well.

A lot of modern furniture is designed to be adaptable and to adjust to its surroundings. A rectangular, contemporary table with extensions that can be either pulled up or down or pulled out are the best. Modern furniture designers concern themselves with details of construction and ease of use of the furniture. This can give a new home owner the option of buying a table that can adjust to changing demands as well as perhaps adapt to a growing family.

If you happen to find a modern dining room chair that particularly appeals to you, consider purchasing a few extra in case of unexpected company. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. It is not the formal dining room of yesterday. Today’s modern, trendy furniture design embraces deviations from the norm. This is not only a relief for a new homeowner who does not need to worry about making everything match, it also provides for an injection of your personality and having a new home is all about making it your own.

Be sure to include some family photos and a modern mirror or two for the age old trick of making the room look larger than it is. Including a sideboard is infinitely handy and would provide for a modern dining room fit for a new homeowner.

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Choosing modern living room furniture is important for the family

Posted on 13th September 2011 in Living Room

As our paychecks get more challenged these days, staying at home is an economically wise choice. It is also an excellent family building choice. Families that play together, stay together. Providing time for causal and relaxing conversation, we build our ties of friendship and community when we spend time with our family and friends.

As we spend more time at home, the living room plays a more important role in our lives. Because it needs to be multi-functional, the modern furniture that we choose contributes directly to providing comfortable and flexible seating, adapting to many uses.

So, what can be more important than seating.  A modern sectional sofa is a great choice as it provides for the possibilities of several different configurations as well as easy to care for fabrics. We want to spend time enjoying being in our modern living room not taking care of it. Another piece of modern furniture that is multi-functional is an ottoman. It can be an extra seat, a place to land a board game or a platter of food as well as offer storage for an extra blanket or some magazines.  Take advantage of today’s modern finishes such as leather which has great lasting qualities or textiles that are stain resistant to keep everyday spills under control.

Modern furniture design is adept at providing maximum storage with a minimum of space so finding a place for both the television as well as your CD and game collections can be stowed away to keep clutter out of sight yet within easy reach.

Lighting is perhaps one of the more critical elements in the room. It can enhance any activity allowing for different light levels. Reading requires concentrated task lighting. Watching television requires lower ambient light while playing a board game requires good general overall lighting. Keep this in mind when you are adding your modern lighting fixture accessories. The fixture should include be able to be dimmed as well. It is important to be able to regulate lighting according to your needs.

Of course the last element is the accessories and while this word may conjure up images of pink flamingoes suspended from the ceiling, accessories can mean so much more. This can include a pillow that make our heads just a little bit more comfortable and adds a splash of modern color in our room. It can be the pictures of our family artfully arranged on a string sculpture that hangs and twirls from the ceiling or it can be wall stickers that add that something extra to make our rooms feel warm and personal.

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Guidelines in choosing the right sectional sofa

Posted on 12th September 2011 in Living Room

Choosing the seating for your living room or den offers a multitude of choices, but when it comes down to making the final purchase, the logistics of the space being outfitted along with how you are planning to utilize the area, will dictate the piece or pieces you ultimately select.

Sectional sofas accommodate the visual perception of plentiful seating, adjusting to the space.  A perfect choice for large or small apartments, sectionals can function independently, which allows for the space constraints of a small apartment.

As with any major furniture purchase, take measurements of the walls and the area you are furnishing; bring the measurements with you as you shop; or have them handy if you are shopping for the sectionals online.  If the main wall will not support a full length sofa, one sectional can be placed dead center with another sectional either directly opposite or adjacent at a right angle.  Both set ups can include a coffee table.  The smaller proportion of the sofas takes on a love-seat effect, producing a cozy and intimate space.

Similarly, a larger space can comfortably house a longer sofa and a smaller one.  Here, place the full size sofa on the long wall, and the small piece at a right angle.  As a bit more balance might be required for this scenario, you might choose an interesting end table next to the small sofa, or a bold upright lamp.  Both options provide creative length to the smaller piece.

Not only do sectionals provide needed seating, (you can usually include a recliner feature for small or full size units), but they can also keep up with your houseguests, providing additional sleep quarters.  If you are require seating that functions as both, be sure that where you place the sofa allows for it to be opened to its full capacity.

Fabric is a factor as well.  If the sectionals are to be part of the family room or den, avoid delicate fabric.  Instead, choose materials which will hold its own against stains, and heavier than usual wear and tear.  You might consider the additional expense of protecting the furniture with a process such as Scotchguard™.

Very carefully examine your room, making sure it can accommodate the sectional pieces.  Keep in mind there are other fixed objects in the room which the furniture will be nestle among:  windows, fireplace, built-in shelves, door way.  Planning the proper balance of the sofas to other room objects (tables, chairs, lamps), ensures that your room will be well-proportioned, comfortable and user-friendly.

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Purchasing kid’s furniture can seem incredibly difficult to parents at times

Posted on 9th September 2011 in Bedroom

Why is it so easy to pick a comfortable modern sofa and our new dining room table with aplomb yet faced with the prospect of purchasing our kid’s furniture can leave us with a bit of trepidation. Perhaps it is because we want well made long lasting quality modern furniture with great modern styling and our kids want, well just great modern styling.

The problem is that not all modern furniture is made equal so first and foremost look for quality made modern furniture that the store will stand behind. This should include keeping your financial information private, knowledgeable and friendly store associates and convenient delivery times and terms. In case there should be a problem you can be confident that your concerns will be handled efficiently and satisfactorily.

Since the kids are only looking at the sizzle and you are also looking for the steak, find a modern furniture store that you feel comfortable with and look for the best in both form and function.

It is okay to have a neon pink dresser complete with mirrored details. While this may seem a bit over the top, take your kids with you and explore other modern furniture styles that can compliment this piece. Paired with an all white Baroque armchair with perhaps a well known person’s face on it and an all black Zen bed starts to spell out some pretty interesting color and style relationships. Adding modern accessories to this can create a great place for a kid to be. Add some practical storage and a convenient study area and you have all the makings of furniture making the child’s room. Be sure to let your kids add the final personal touches. This is what makes their space their own. As these are the least expensive as well, changing these around and out once in awhile keeps the room feeling fresh and up-to-date.

The bottom line is when purchasing children’s furniture, think practical, durable and flexible. While some furniture is cute in miniature scale unless you have several children, it’s use will be limited having to be replaced with bigger furniture as they grow. There are so many modern furniture options that this should not be necessary. Including your child in the selection process will also help in getting an idea what they like as well as properly judging the quality and safety features. Children are really good at testing durability ensuring that you make a wise and sound investment when purchasing modern furniture.




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Furniture is an investment that requires meticulous selection

Posted on 8th September 2011 in Office

Investment is an important though often overlooked aspect when buying modern furniture. We have a tendency to look for the style of the piece. What do we like? Baroque, Zen, ultra-contemporary, Italian or minimalist modern furniture design and of course this is very important. It speaks about who we are and what defines our design style. So while we may be busy wowing our neighbors and friends, quality of material and craftsmanship will insure that the modern sofa we so fell in love with can be passed down from generation to generation.

Look for modern furniture that has classic good looks and not simply the latest trend. While some can be a great investment because the modern furniture lines are being produced by an up and coming design star, it shouldn’t be so fleeting a design trend that instead of looking unique and fresh it looks old and passé. Some of the crazy and wildly imaginative pieces from the modern furniture designers during the 1950’s endure until today however, some of have disappeared because their appeal was too narrow and the quality of materials and construction were absent.

Handcrafted wood or just about anything that is handmade is a good investment as it value lies in the craftsmanship. Some of the original modern furniture designers especially many of the ones schooled at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts graduated with a sound understanding of cabinetry and furniture making. This dedication to high quality construction techniques and the innovative use of materials produced modern furniture that endures until today. It is not just classic furniture that brings in this added value, quality will always be valued.

Materials should be long lasting. Fabric is a versatile and adaptable choice however, leather will last considerably longer. Your lifestyle and ability to maintain the modern furniture can help be a guide in determining which finish works better for you. Look at the evenness of stains or paints for a flawless finish which is an important consideration for long lasting value and beauty.

If buying the latest modern furniture lines that are produced by today’s hot, new designers is something that captures your interest then make sure to take the time to visit a local modern furniture showroom to see these pieces up close as well as being able to ask questions of the store’s associates. Knowing the inside information will help you decide what pieces will be a sound investment for your future.


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Sectional couches are created for living spaces that you can enjoy

Posted on 7th September 2011 in Living Room

The right furniture can make or break a space. Crowd too much in and nothing feels comfortable. Too spare and you end up feeling like you are living in a museum rather than your own home. Of course none of these scenarios are acceptable so as you are using and moving through your living spaces take note of how they are used and how you view them.

Sitting and talking, eating, watching television or playing a favorite game, the common thread here is we love to sit and be comfortable so how we provide seating makes a big difference in the comfort level in a home. Modern sectional sofas are a good choice for the living room, the family room and just about any room you want to sit a group of people in comfortably. With styling that will mix well with other styles it can be moved around with ease, so rearranging the sofa at a moment’s notice should be easy and doable. This encourages us to realize that our living spaces and the furniture within there are there to serve our needs and not just to look good. Today’s key words for modern furniture are hip, classic and versatility along with durability. An investment in contemporary furniture should be for a lifetime not for a year or two.

Since modern sectional sofas can be purchased in different configurations consider how your pieces might be moved around. Usually you can add extra pieces if you want such as an extra armless section or an ottoman. Space and storage are always at a premium so look for the extra storage that an ottoman can provide. Another great way to add additional storage is by including a modern storage cube side table. Perfect for stowing away items you would like to keep handy but don’t need all the time such as a blanket or throw it can provide a great landing spot for drinks and bowls of popcorn.

A great way to pull a room all together is by the use of an area rug. Easier to take care of as it can be sent to the cleaners, it can add the wow factor and the comfort underfoot that is especially appreciated in today’s modern homes that usually have a hard floor. Echo a color or a theme in the room or let it be understated. With dark rooms consider light floors and vice versa in a room with light rooms. It will make the room seem anchored and complete.






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It’s hard to imagine a world that doesn’t have modern furniture

Posted on 6th September 2011 in Dining room

What would the world look like today if modern design never happened? Modern furniture with its wonderful variations of imaginative and colorful designs missing seems more like a nightmare than anything else. The seemingly impossible stretch of physical realities and the exploration of materials never thought of before in ways never before imagined, how cruel!

Imagine no “Egg Chair” by Arne Jacobsen or the “Nimbus Table Collection” by Niels Joergen Haugesen with their wonderful encapsulation of physical space and the puzzling together of fun and functional geometric shapes. The wonderful neon colors that ignite a room with flaming pinks and brilliant oranges made into squishy ottomans next to white lacquer Italian side tables. Playful, modern furniture design did something beyond just decorate our lives, it caused us to stop and consider an alternative to what has always been.

Modern design considers both form and function as being of equal importance. So as an elegantly swooped asymmetrical sofa is dramatic and packs a huge design wallop, it also needs to be comfortable allowing us to be able to easily take care of it. The finishes and the materials used are important and modern furniture designers integrate these into their designs.

Modern furniture is also based on ergonomics and the human form. Often used as a basis for design, furniture needs to be a contributor to our health as well. With no modern furniture, furniture might still being designed and produced that seem to not take as important the comfort of the human being using it. Modern furniture designers have first and foremost in their minds who they are designing for and how it will be used. They also paid careful attention to including both organic materials and forms.

Modern furniture also came about in a time of history when homes needed to use space more efficiently and the best way to do this is by providing storage. We also did not want to fuss with cleaning and looked for less fussy details to attend to in order to maintain a home. An all velvet couch with down feather pillows that needs to be fluffed every time someone gets up works better with a strict Victorian concept of children who are seen and not heard and women who stay home and take care of the house all day. With both parents working, our lifestyles have changed and so have our demands for our furniture.

Life without modern furniture, no way!



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Why you should consider buying furniture online

Posted on 5th September 2011 in Living Room

Remember the Yellow Pages jingle from way back, “Let your fingers do the walking?”…well, that is still true when it comes to considering buying furniture online.  Rather than a tedious and exhausting shopping experience, you can comparative shop all of your furniture needs from as many online furniture websites as you dare – thousands of miles from your home.

Shopping for your furniture via your computer allows the idea of what you’re looking for to become a reality.  Almost all furniture sites provide complete looks in a virtual environment, providing you with a host of ideas in styles, fabrics, accessories and lighting for your kitchen, den, bedroom, dining room and patio.  You can compare prices, shipping and/or delivery fees (though many sites offer these free)…without being tied to purchasing everything from one website.  Online warehouses have low overhead, enabling them to pass on competitive prices to the consumer.  Shipping is faster, too, as the furniture ships directly from the warehouse to your door.  There is no salesman following you around the store – who’s usually more interested in earning his commission, than being interested in helping his customers find what they really need.

Many online furniture stores will routinely send out color and fabric swatches to their online consumers, which not only ramps up the company’s service level, it fosters confidence.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to online furniture shopping is the ability to research customer reviews, a valuable resource for the consumer about the vendor and quality of materials before a substantial purchase is made.

Shopping online for your furniture, with some advance planning, can be a stress-free experience and an opportunity to research myriad possibilities for designing your home directly from your home.

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Furniture You Should Buy According to Your Style

Posted on 2nd September 2011 in Living Room

Style is a word that can be used in so many different applications. It can mean a manner of writing, fashion, a type of music, a genre of film or define a language of design. Once you have decided upon which aspect you are discussing, defining your personal style can be both challenging and fun. Think of yourself as a detective looking for clues that provide the pieces to making a room or an entire house or office work within a given style.

Modern furniture design is an easy and accessible style to explore as it lends itself to being used as the basis for design decisions that incorporate the needs and desires for any space. Are you the formal kind of person who delights in symmetrical lines and strong statement furniture pieces? This might suggest your style is minimalist modern where each and every piece of contemporary furniture stands on its own with no additional fuss or frill. Clean and uncluttered it can provide a refreshingly open palette that lends itself well to an all white palette, emphasizing textures, shadows and nuances. Modern furniture design can also incorporate bold, vibrant colors in creative and seemingly impossible shapes, sizes and configurations. Modern furniture design can definitely display a sense of humor and challenge the laws of nature.

Maybe your style is based around your desire for a space that is more like a retreat where you have time to reflect and enjoy the quieter moments of life. Zen modern furniture might be a style you could consider learning more about. Emphasizing natural materials that seek to incorporate everyday living into modern furniture, rattan armchairs and low slung wood side tables provide for opportunities to savor life. A Scandinavian style bed, with its crisp clean lines and emphasis on wood with quality craftsmanship can work well with this style providing modernist styling with great functional use.

Perhaps you are drawn to the classic lines of Italian or Baroque furniture but don’t care for the excess amount of detailing. Today’s Baroque modern furniture pays attention to the detailing of the past and includes just enough to make it interesting but not so much as to seem overdone. It is a great way to include a bit of frill without the heaviness that traditional, dark wood furniture usually seems to introduce into a space. With armchairs and sofas reinterpreted and produced in all white, it is a delightful way to include both the past and the present into any space of your home.

Style should be personal and it should be whatever you want it to be. Explore and find the elements in modern furniture design that speak to you.








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