Points to consider when choosing modern living room furniture

Posted on 19th September 2011 in Living Room

Modern sofa bed in black. Modern living room furniture is a practical choice:  it contains clean lines and at once can offer sophistication, drama and warmth.  =

Before you purchase any furniture, plan out the living room.  Will it be the media room where the family will congregate to watch tv and movies?  Will the room also house the computer?  Or will the room be used to hosting parties and other more formal entertaining?  Both require seating.

The non-structured component of modern furniture offers a variety of seating in the form of sectional sofas and chairs – an important feature for entertaining or family use as the seating can be moved around the room according to need, allowing seating by the computer, and can also be clustered for more formal entertaining.  Tufted leather ottomans provide additional seating and are available with storage capacity, keeping DVDs, video cassettes, etc. out of sight when not in use.  The living room space should maintain a clean, light environment.  Fabric will be an important factor – leather and soft fabric are available in a variety of vibrant patterns and colors.

Following the example of your seating, keep the coffee tables and/or end tables mobile and multi-functional.  End table cubes with a wood table top are a great option, and can be used as a tray with cup holders and might also contain a hidden storage compartment.  The cube’s sides might offer a pouch for magazines.

Track lighting or free-standing lamps enable table space reserved for a book or cup, and free from a lighting source.

White walls, extend the clutter-free environment; one or two lithographs can offer color; a large mirror expands the space.

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