The Different Styles of Patio Furniture

Posted on 24th August 2011 in Outdoor

All patio furniture is not created equal so when you are considering buying some new pieces to spruce up your current modern patio furniture collection or starting from scratch, look at what is out there, how you use your outdoor patio and the time and space you have to maintain and store it.

Style is important as it can say a lot about you. Are you a modern furniture person needing the latest in today’s trends or a bit more introspective, then perhaps Zen styling would be more appropriate. How about an eclectic modern look that incorporates all kinds of styles with abandon? Mixing Baroque and cottage, contemporary and Scandinavian was never so much fun.

In each of these styles they tend to favor certain materials, construction and design language. Modern with its clean, unadorned, powerful lines creates a setting of drama and a sense of openness. A modern lounge designed around rust resistant metal and forgiving straps or weather tolerant woods provides both form and function with your comfort in mind.

If your backyard patio is more like your retreat from the world, then look to create outdoor rooms that allow for the maximum use of space providing for both larger and intimate gathering spaces with surprises sprinkled in. Wood would be the most commonly used material which can be great. With a minimal amount of upkeep, it can provide for years of service; a great return on your investment. Because it is an easy style to coordinate with others, use it as a base from which to add on to. Global influences create an interesting contrast between modern furniture’s minimalism with perhaps Baroque which is all about ornamentation with today’s modern twist. Contrast in styles can be a great source of conversation.

Dining al fresco is great both during the day as well as at night. Be sure to include a large umbrella to keep things cool and a string of LED lights at night to add some extra sparkle. Choosing a tempered glass modern dining table is a stylish way to include a durable material that easily accommodates any kind of affair.

If you happen to live in a place like New York City, being able to easily store your patio furniture is a consideration so look for pieces that can easily fold or stack to minimize required storage space. With proper selection and care, patio furniture should continue to be a great part of your modern furniture home collection.

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