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Posted on 4th October 2011 in Bedroom

Life can be hectic, with demands on our time. Take a minute to slow down and re-examine the living spaces in your home. Are they providing you the comfort and nurturing that you need? Probably one of the first things to do is to de-clutter. The stuff of our lives, even of the most organized person, has a tendency to creep up on us and suddenly it is out of control. Organize what is essential from what is not. If you don’t need it; recycle it, reuse it or donate it.

Now that that is done, pay particular attention to your bedroom. Of all of the rooms you need to provide a respite from your busy life, it is this room. Once you have organized and straightened out closets, look at what you are sleeping on every night.

Your bedroom should have a quality mattress that makes you feel refreshed and energized in the morning. If this is not the case, then maybe it is time for a new mattress. One way to insure that you are getting the support you need is to invest in a modern furniture platform bed. With clean lines, it provides a solid foundation as well as great styling. If you are considering making this change in your bedroom, look around at how the rest of your room fits together.

All too often, we decorate our rooms piecemeal and end up with a cluttered look even when the “stuff” of life has been tucked away. Trade a bunch of small tables, bookcase and dressers for one or two larger pieces. They are actually more practical while calming the room down. Your eyes will rest rather than dart around the room.

An Italian styled armoire can be a great place to store a television, clothing and miscellaneous personal items. With its highly lacquered surface, it catches the outdoor sunlight and can make a room sparkle. Adding a large dresser can store additional clothing as well as provide a spot for a cherished photo and a spirit lifting potted plant. Another idea is to include a modern wall unit. Here, is the ideal spot to display books, personal finds and store everyday items in decorative baskets and bowls. A television mounted on the wall can easily be integrated into this as well concealed by doors, a sliding picture or even curtains. Your modern bedroom furniture is only limited by your imagination.


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