Tips on the Bedroom and Modern Bedroom Furniture.

Posted on 20th September 2011 in Bedroom

Perhaps this should start with a few golden rules. First, do not match everything in a room. While sometimes a packaged deal can be great, it may be best to take the time to find the different pieces of furniture you like. If you start with what you like and then repeat tying in a particular element such as a color, texture, pattern etc. you will be successful.

Second, when selecting the style of the furniture, look to modern furniture as offering the most value for the most design appeal. With so many different styles to select from like Baroque, minimalist, eclectic, Zen, Italian and Scandinavian, it is fun to visit a local modern furniture showroom and see the styles upfront. You just might surprise yourself by being as equally intrigued with a Baroque hallway table as an Italian armoire. Keep your options open.

Third, be sure to look for quality and a high level of craftsmanship. Textiles as well should be sun and stain resistant. No one wants a high maintenance piece of furniture no matter how beautiful.

Fourth, when you plan out how you will decorate a room avoid the urge to line furniture up along the wall. Just as the first impression reminds you more of a warehouse rather than a home, this kind of stiffness in design is also hard to live with. You can’t around any of the pieces and cleaning gets to be more difficult. Modern furniture designers go to great lengths to design for both great styling as well as practical, easy to use features. It almost makes a room feel stuffy. Pulling the modern furniture away from the wall allows the room to feel like it can breathe.

So, with these basic rules in mind, the bed does not always need to be in the middle of the room. It can be off center or angled to a corner. One of your practical considerations is the windows in the room as well as space on either side of the bed for a night stand.

Another point to consider is how much time you spend in your bedroom and especially if you watch television as well. Including a modern wall unit with hideaway doors for the television and any other electronics keep the room from looking overtaken with wires and miscellaneous. Rooms are the most restful when clutter is minimized and in a bedroom this is particularly important.


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