Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Posted on 16th August 2011 in Outdoor

Bringing the outside in and the inside out has created a wonderful world where the lines are blurred defining the beginning and ending of each space. This kind of erasure of defined spaces allows for the exploration of using these spaces in ways we never considered before.

While inside furniture seems it would not be at home outside, the great modern furniture style you have in your Los Angeles or perhaps Miami home can be brought outside providing all the latest trendy styles you could ask for. You want great modern furniture lines, ease of use, maintenance convenience and flexibility of use.

Try to find pieces that have versatility built in. A modern dining room chair with sun, water and mold resistant fabric can be used both outside and inside in a pinch. Look to coordinate both your inside and outside modern furniture pieces so shifting them around where they are needed is easy to do and shows no break in your great sense of modern furniture design.

One thing you will want to be aware of is the construction of the frame. Make sure that it is built strong and solid to withstand the outside weather. Metals that don’t rust and woods that stand up to the elements are the best choices.

Rattan is a great outside material. While it needs some protection from direct outside contact with wind, water and the sun it is very forgiving allowing air and water to easily pass through its frame. This makes for both a cooler and drier seating experience. As a natural material, it is at home outside blending easily with the outside landscaping. It can also be a great focal point inside the house providing relief from the dominance of all wood furniture.

Modern furniture is known for its many surfaces from which to choose from and outside tempered glass is an excellent choice. It is clear and withstands breakage without shattering into dangerous small pieces. Suitable as the top for a side table or a modern dining room table outdoor patio furniture never looked so good or was so functional.

If you happen to live in a place like New York where during the winter, folding and storing outdoor patio furniture is preferred, look for pieces that fold or stack providing for easy storage. This is another great reason why outdoor furniture should be selected with great modern furniture design in mind; it can also be incorporated inside for added seating and a hint of summer even on the dreariest winter day.




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