Useful Tips for Patio Furniture Maintenance

Posted on 19th August 2011 in Outdoor

So, you have followed the guide for purchasing modern outdoor patio furniture. It looks great! With modern sofa sectionals and a large modern outdoor dining table with chairs you are all set to have fun in the sun. Maintenance should be the first and then the last thing on your mind, so one, two, three, four let’s get to the basics and then forget about it.

First tip: make sure that you bought high quality outdoor patio furniture. The materials and construction should be built to withstand the effects of outdoor exposure. Fabrics should look as good as the day you bought it and frames should be rust and mildew resistant. Buying high quality modern styled outdoor patio furniture is the first and most critical element in providing for furniture that will provide more time playing and less time maintaining.

Second tip: Try to look for designs that allow for an easy transformation of your outdoor space. Pieces that can fold or shift about allow for you to easily change your design layout. This is not only great when you change your mind and begin to rearrange, it also makes for a space that can transform itself accommodating different size groups and functions; flexibility is key.

Third tip: As each summer begins, give your modern patio furniture a good once over and determine if there is any maintenance that should be done. Usually a good washing will suffice however, both metal and wood can benefit from a once a year face lift. With metal furniture be sure to lightly clean with a wire brush to loosen any rust or peeling surfaces before adding a light coat of paint. This helps to protect the metal from rusting as well as providing an opportunity to inject some additional color. Wood furniture also benefits from a light sanding and then a protective stain. This will keep the wood from allowing moisture to penetrate as readily. If you happen to have teak furniture, using a protective clear stain when it is first placed outside will help it to retain its deep reddish color. If left unstained, it will weather to an appealing silverish gray color, also appealing.

Last tip: When the fall approaches and in places like New York where it is probably a good idea to store the patio furniture for the winter, be sure to clean the patio furniture before stowing it. This will minimize any possible damage making sure it will be ready for next summer.




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