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The School of Interior Design: Your Inside Track to the Design Industry

interior design school The School of Interior Design: Your Inside Track to the Design Industry

Your porthole into the world of interior design

Nowadays, pursuing one’s passion in fashion, arts, entertainment and design is warranted through moral support and word of mouth from a select group of industry goers. If you are a designer and looking for a place to call home, the School of Interior Design is a resource where people can learn and appreciate interior design not only as a hallowed discipline, but also an art form! The School of Interior Design website, serves as an archive to hundreds of design schools all over the world. Each page dedicated to the design schools are loaded with relevant information that applicants should consider before enrolling.

Also, there are loads of helpful articles about interior design and decoration tips for those who want invaluable advice on how to approach their design projects, new design techniques and innovative products.

The School of Interior Design features some of the most innovative and creative designs from different manufacturers, service providers, and designers all over the globe to show the real beauty that the practice offers in a variety of modern furniture and unique design. This insider track and advise from established designers helps one make the right career choice, as well as showcases that a rewarding career in interior design can be achieved. For more information visit

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