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Color Me Happy

Many ignore the power of color and try to keep their home décor to a limit. This means a bland tan or the ever so boring brown furniture that really doesn’t do much to improve the appearance of any living space. Don’t be colorblind; let the wildness of the red or the power connection of the black and white duo free! As soon as you do, kazaam! We are in the presence of furniture magic. Compare these settings, yes we might believe that “A” will be playing it safe and it maintains a healthy and approachable taste, but mix some color in, as seen on “B, C and D”, be innovative and out of the box.

Uniting white and black furniture has become an unusual fashionable trend that many have followed for its smooth and elegant appeal. Try out Modani Furniture’s unique color combinations.

dct2402 bef lg 150x150 Color Me Happy dct2402_bef_lg "A"
Chesterfield Armchair Setting 150x150 Color Me Happy Chesterfield Armchair Setting "B"
Coffee Wallpaper 150x150 Color Me Happy The Magic of Color "C"
NYC Loft Setting 2 150x150 Color Me Happy NYC Loft Setting 2 "D"

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