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Bedroom Furniture Los Angeles Style – Three Trendy Tips

In need of something fresh and fun for your bedroom décor? Why not check out the vibe from the trendiest cities and start there? Whether you live in Washington, Texas or Illinois, there are fabulous furniture trends from sunny California that will transform your bedroom into something unique.

1.       Old Hollywood Glam décor

Just like the days of Fred Astaire and Marilyn Monroe, the old vintage Hollywood glam look is still used today for dressing up interiors and making bold statements. Pairing soft textiles with bold features is the perfect way to begin. Take an oversized headboard and pair it with soft bedding, metallic pillows and complete the rest of the  by adding a unique chase. The key is to get wild with faux fur and shaggy rugs for a comforting, yet glamorous feel. If you are looking for something masculine in your bedroom furniture, take a solid black leather bed and an oversized armchair that will make a bold impression on any guest. Always amplify with an oversized mirror for an over the top finish.

2.       Zen inspirations and a healthy approach

Los Angeles is filled with beautiful people and healthy bodies, this lifestyle is not only seen in the streets or at the gym, living a healthy and holistic life is an integral part of the latest trends. Get on the right track and embrace your natural side with Zen inspirations to dress up your bedroom. Natural wood and soft tones are the perfect start. Take a low-lying platform bed and pair this with soft bedspread that resembles the colors of nature, blues and greens, orange and red.  Painting the wall where your bed rests and adorning both sides with brown curtains will add a dramatic and yet soothing finish to your bedroom.  Now, light up some candles and relax to the sound of positive energy.

3.       Chic Minimalist

Even if you don’t own a house in Malibu, you can still decorate with the fashionable presence of one. Minimalist décor is ideal for anyone who enjoys the fabulous yet simple life. The trick is to decorate your bedroom to exude modern class and sophistication is by using clean lines and cool tones. You need basic items with touches of accessories to make the minimalist interior shine. Take a solid white platform bed, paired with sleek end tables, a slim floor lamp and oversized mirror leaning against the largest wall and you are virtually complete. Need some storage room, use an ample console that will tuck away your precious items and leave enough room for small accessories. Take a metallic vase or colorful artwork to add a splash of color to your bedroom. The sleek and chic look is simple and will go a long way in for any modern bedroom furniture Los Angeles style.


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