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Furniture Living room Accessories – Ways to decorate to impress your guests

The living room is the first place your friends and family see when they walk into your home. It is where everyone gathers to mingle, talk, relax and watch a movie or listen to music. Therefore, your living room should be decorated in such a way that it makes a solid impression and invites your guests back for a second visit. If you are in need of some quick and affordable decorating tips you have come to the right place. Here are some fun and creative ways that will enhance your living room and make a statement.

Pillow talk:

The easy way to add some color to your living room is to add some wild pillow. By choosing textiles and unique patters and colors this will make our sitting area more inviting and comfortable for your guests. Add these to your sofa sectional and it will make a huge difference.

Cover it up:

Another helpful accessory that will keep your loved ones feet warm during movie night is a soft thin blanket that will attract the eyes and is tantalizing to the touch. Try getting one in a solid color and draping it over the corner of your couch or armchair.

Dress up your walls:

Don’t deprive your walls; give them some lovely artwork, shelves or mirrors that will tie together the room.  Hang a long mirror above the couch to enhance the room. Or adorn a wall with a beautify artwork that matched the colors of your pillows and blankets. Shelves and candle fixtures go great on opposite sides of the TV. These are easy to install and affordable too.

Story telling:

The best way to entertain guests is by what lays on your coffee table. Place some interesting trivia books, art or home décor magazines and a photo album. These small items will make a big impression and really express your true interests in life. They are also great conversation starters.

Light one up:

Candles, candles, candles…need we say more.

Extra seating:

A great accessory is adding come comfy cushions or pattered ottomans into the mix. This will give your guests some extra seating and also enhance the rest of your décor. You can place these under your coffee table or even in a storage bin built into your ottoman. Simple yet dramatic.

These small additions can go a long way in any living room and give it the personal touch it deserves.


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