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Modern furniture picks from Modani for Valentine’s Day!

b7eb4cbbb09b14b8b221c8e67fbaddcb.image.350x217 Modern furniture picks from Modani for Valentines Day!Embrace the romance with unique selections from Modani Furniture this Valentine’s Day. Pick any one of these modern furniture creations to set the mood and give the gift of Modani with love.

1)      Modani gives tons of love with its newest creation, the Modani LOVE Pillows. Soft, one-of-a kind, they are handcrafted with Swarovski style diamonds as a letter on four pillows.

2)      Nothing says romance like a brand-new bed. Modani’s Majestic Modern Bed sets the perfect stage for an evening of romance with its lush design and plush headboard. Available in Black or White.

3)      The dark and mysterious Black Cassiopeia Floor Lamp adds just the right amount of light to create a romantic ambiance with glass sparkles in an old-world candelabra style.9458c0bcbb1132f72dde29fa3e092687.image.200x300 Modern furniture picks from Modani for Valentines Day!

4)      Pucker up and decorate with this fun and flirty wall sticker. These oversized lips come in black and red for a fiery touch that sets the mood.

5)      Cozy up for romance in this love seat with cap. Perfect for two, grab a bottle of wine, a tray of finger foods and relax on this weather-resistant, easy-to-clean love seat.

6)      Valentine’s Day romance wouldn’t be complete without candles. Check out Modani’s Metal Bougoire.

7)      Give a knight-in-shining armor. Purchase Modani’s Silver knight as a special keepsake gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

8)      The Love Couple accessory is a sensual metallic silhouette of two lovers that are connected as one.

9)      Add a Neo-Baroque mirror to your bedroom or bathroom for a sensual, romantic accent. The lightly engraved Catena mirror is large enough for regular use, but adds a soft touch to the bedroom.

10)  This sed870da7d81e898ce8f3aaa0c87ac9907.image.350x270 Modern furniture picks from Modani for Valentines Day!xy Bocca sofa is inspired by a piece of furniture from the 60s that pays tribute to Marilyn Monroe’s mouth.

Modani has three locations across the United States in addition to its website

Modani Furniture Miami: 181 NW 36th Street, Miami, FL 33127. Phone: 305 403-1838

Modani Furniture New York: 40 E. 19th Street, New York , NY 10003. Phone: 212-796-6926

Modani Furniture Los Angeles: 8873 West Sunset Blvd, W. Hollywood, CA 90069. Phone:  310-652-2323boccasofa 300x300 Modern furniture picks from Modani for Valentines Day!

moz screenshot Modern furniture picks from Modani for Valentines Day!

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