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Entertaining in a small apartment? Modern Furniture Space Saving Ideas

Anyone living in New York City or other major metropolitan area knows that apartment living can be tight, with smaller apartments forcing people to get creative with how they store belongings in their living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Oftentimes, apartment living requires functional, yet modern furniture that does double duty. Here’s a list of the best pieces of modern furniture to adorn your home with great modern furniture pieces that save on space.

1) Sleep in cCavali Storage Bed White 3 Entertaining in a small apartment? Modern Furniture Space Saving Ideas omfort while leaving room for other things in your house. Find a bed that uses a hydraulic system to lift the mattress up. The beds tend to come in at least a queen size. At night sleep in comfort, by day know that you have plenty of storage space under your bed. Use the hydraulic system to store your belongings in a hidden spot or just to get stuff out of the way to give your modern apartment more space.

2) Accentuate your living room with a convertible table. For a small home or apartment, this modern table can be kept as a console off to the side of your living room or dining room with a few decorative items, but can be shifted to a small square table for the side of your couch. Need to sit a large crowd for a holiday party or a good buffet table? A convertible table can spread out to seat six people without any additional pieces or complicated instructions.

3) Expecting company overnight but your house is tight on space, and beds? Try a sce37c54da0f37d16605becfd3909d915.image.689x850 Entertaining in a small apartment? Modern Furniture Space Saving Ideas ofa bed. Not only is this couch perfect to relax on with your guests during the day, but sofa beds pull out to a full-size bed at night. With an ultra-modern design, these couches are perfect for the modern living room. Sofa beds can also be tucked away in a home office for an extra bed if needed.

4) Get your lighting off the floor and table with a modern ceiling lamp. Use a ceiling lamp to add light to any room, such as your dining room or a breakfast bar for a nice modern look without taking up a lot of floor space.

5) Use a console, dresser or TV stand as double duty. Place your television on top and use the drawers and cabinets to add more storage space.

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