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Spring colors to use in your Los Angeles home

red carpet 03 Spring colors to use in your Los Angeles homeSpring is here and it is time to let our living spaces breathe with the vitality and energy that spring always brings with it. So what is hot this year? Honeysuckle has been selected as the Pantone color of 2011. A playful pink color perhaps best used as an accent color.
Smoky grays and musty purples are also hot along with, surprise! Neon colors! Who knew that dazzling yellows and eye popping purples would fit in together nicely with creamy whites?
Have contemporary or modern furniture? Bright splashes of these colors add excitement to a room and send any remainders of the winter chills packing. Including these accents as pillows or colored glass that allows sunlight to pass through are easily changed as the seasons change. Don’t forget to look at small rugs on rugs or curtains as well leaving the deeper, richer colors for furniture or wall color to balance and neutralize the room.
Changing colors? Shake it up some more. In addition to revitalizing your room with a fresh coat of paint, perhaps it is time for some new furniture. Don’t be afraid to mix outdoor, patio furniture with more formal living pieces. It keeps things interesting and eclectic, qualities appreciated in the quirky Los Angeles area with its plethora of artists and movie stars.
Not sure how to get started? It is easier than you think. Find a plate, a favorite scarf or picture and look for the colors that particularly appeal to you. Once you have selected your inspirational piece, use the colors as a basis for choosing basic and accent colors. Painting with the same color but in different shades gives the room a sense of depth and encourages the eye to travel around the room. Have a particularly high ceiling? Consider painting the ceiling with a lighter shade of the wall which can provide a sense of continuity.
Be selective with the brighter colors as they can become overpowering. Try to connect rooms by allowing one color to dominate in one room and then be the accent color in an adjoining room. This provides a sense of cohesion and connection that designers know can create the feeling of a “finished” space.
Look for subtle ways to integrate colors as well as innovative ways to bring the outdoors in. Freshly planted flowers in decoratively painted pots are a perfect way to liven your space while perhaps providing an herb garden or a beautifully flowering amaryllis. There are also miniature fruit trees specifically cultivated to grow and produce juicy, ripe fruit indoors.
Whatever colors you choose this year, relax and have fun. After all it is your space and it should make you feel good!

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