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Mix Scandinavian furniture with modern styling for a unique look

Being traditional does not mean that everything needs to be traditional as well. What unifies a space, what designers look for are the elements that tie the space together. This can be accomplished through the use of color. When using color you can use a monochromatic palette of which white is a popular choice. You can also use shades of the same color or for added interest use contrasting colors. Black and white are dramatic but it does not need to be so extreme to be effective. Complementary colors such as blue and orange can be a wonderfully colorful way to bring unexpected elements together, just like mixing traditional with modern furniture.

Textures can also be explored. Again, taking your cue from colors, you can choose similar materials with widely varying textures or you can pick very dissimilar materials in the same color family. All of these choices add interest to your room.

Exploring styles of furniture really brings a room together. While traditional Scandinavian furniture might be your preferred style mixing it with modern furniture works well. Both styles emphasize simple, clean lines so they naturally complement each other. Known as scan design, Swedish and Danish furniture very interchangeable terms, they lend to offer a lighter touch to the traditional look. Again, mixing styles can add to a space.

Try incorporating Italian furniture which can be a bit more ornate. It can sit comfortably next to Danish furniture following some of the suggestions above.

A room that sometimes gets overlooked is the dining room.

Starting with Scandinavian dining room furniture can provide a wonderful base to including other design elements. Include Italian inspired furniture for end chairs bringing in detailed ornamentation and a wonderful Swedish side board which brings function and form into the room. When adding accessories, remember to include these scan design elements as well as include modern touches bringing all of the design elements together. Emphasizing both styles creates a harmonious feeling between rooms and ultimately inside the home.

In the bedroom, mixing styles works again with great success. To add a bit of whimsy and romanticism try including antique Scandinavian furniture. A four post bed is the perfect touch to make your bedroom a relaxing get away from the day’s stresses.

Let your home be the place you explore where traditional Scandinavian furniture rests comfortably next to modern design furniture including attention to detail additions of Italian design mixed with antique, your home your way.

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