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Baroque as a design technique: The art of ornamentation

IMG 4825 300x241 Baroque as a design technique: The art of ornamentationInspired by wealthy indulgence, religious ideals and a little bit of passion, modern furniture creators and interior designers are embracing a glam style from the past. Reminiscent of a more romantic era, baroque interior design is seeing a come back as a passion for accented pieces and ornate design partners with modern design techniques to create the right tools to create just the right piece of furniture for your living room or dining room.

Baroque furniture pulls its influence predominantly from the Louis XIV time period in which marquetry became an extremely popular technique in which to carve designs into dressers, consoles, chairs, beds and any other piece of furniture that had room for a creative design.

What makes it baroque? There are different features that particularly spell it out, but all the furniture definitely has carvings, etchings, patterns and intricate designs adding to the depth of design with lots of bright shiny sparkly accents.

The most noticeable thing in a Baroque styled room  is usually the artwork or the chandeliers. The more overly ornate the chandelier the more likely it is to be included in a Baroque design. Lighting is very important and adds to the overly ornate design.

In addition to a Baroque chandelier, other design options include using plenty of unique artwork or canvas prints or even a floral wall sticker to create a unique accented design for your Baroque room.

Walls can be solid colored or even wall-papered. Wall paper isn’t as popular as it used to be, but it’s making a slow comeback and finding a uniquely colored wallpaper to user in the room is essential. Add a few Baroque side tables, chairs and other seating and complete the look with a metal candlebra or other accessories.

But don’t overdo it with too many accessories because you can ruin the look by overpowering the marquetry effects of the Baroque furniture you have purchased for the room.  In a living room, add plenty of thick curtains and pillows, while a bedroom should have plenty of comforters and pillows on the bed in a matching Baroque design to complete the entire look for your modern home.

Don’t forget to look at mirrors and smaller side tables or benches for additional accents. While these pieces of furniture can be functional, add the right Baroque accents to these pieces of furniture and they can really increase the wow factor of the com

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