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How to add color to a monochromatic interior design

172846e01d4ff353600de1c0f629e324.image .1050x700 300x200 How to add color to a monochromatic interior design   When you’ve envisioned a modern living room for your home, the palette always ran to fantasies of a black and white palette that emphasizes form over function. And while function is of course, extremely important in today’s modern furniture, a pleasing visual design is extremely important in creating the right ambiance for today’s contemporary home.

Design is what creates mood and allows for a resident to interact with guests and even influence that interaction. By painting with a palette of black and white, the designer leaves room to add a variety of modern accents and accessories to a freshly filled living room full of furniture but lacking flair and flavor and personality created by good design. Using accent pieces and accessories to add color keep a room from looking overly colored and also makes it easier to change the look of a room by emphasizing the current color patterns versus a large dominant sofa.

One way to add a flash of tasteful color and design to a modern room is to create a unique focal point. Whether it is a Baroque wall sticker or a side table that holds a large splashy vase, find a location to create emphasis on creative modern design that is cutting edge.

Another way to add accents is to create a unique border around the room. Consider placing the border or wall sticker even around the bottom edge of a room to create a modern yet unique look to a room in a design style most don’t even consider  – the bottom edges of a room.

Complement the edgings with a focal point created by a large canvas print on one wall or add a series of small side tables, each with a different accent piece or accessory in the chosen color scheme, whether it’s blue, pink, red, green, purple or any other color that creates a splash with interior design.

In a dining room, keep the table and chairs monochromatic in design and style but use place settings, or accessories such as a vase or candle holder to add color to the design. A modern canvas print hangs nicely here as well as family portraits.  Make the table the focal point and leave everything else white in contrast to a silver or even red dining table.

Use a combination of colors to create a unique look that complements you. Stick to using on a few colors in a room to avoid overdoing it, but by adding the right accents to a monochromatic room you can create the right mood.

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