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Design on a dime: Tips and tricks to add color to a bedroom

 Design on a dime: Tips and tricks to add color to a bedroomThese days, many people are watching their budgets but sometimes, sprucing up a room is needed. The bedroom just doesn’t suit your interior design taste anymore and you’d like to change the look and feel of it.  Here are a few modern design techniques to help you create the bedroom of your dreams.

1)      If there’s a color you really prefer, whether it’s neutral shades on the walls and darker colors on your bedroom furniture, then go for it. The colors that suit your moods regularly with be soothing to come home to and help create just the right ambiance for relaxing in your modern bedroom.

2)      Are you looking to create warmth or coolness in your design? Tones and textures in furniture and in bedding create both, depending on the combination used. Think about how a color makes you feel before you use it in your designs. When looking for bedding or rugs or mirrors, think about the overall scheme of design and feel you’d like to create and try to go on instinct.

3)      Flooring – do you prefer a carpet, rug or just plain tile? Which are you most comfortable living with? If you have high allergies, then just a rug or plain tile may be best. Decide early on. Wood flooring also brings character to a room, with a slight Zenlike influence in design.

4)      Lighting. Lighting. Lighting. This is almost the most important element because it determines the focus and shadows of a room and generally should be used to highlight accent or focal points – a reading nook, an accessories shelf, a romantic candle. Use the lighting to create mood and ambiance that is soothing.

5)      Windows are an important element of design not to be forgotten. Use these to create a warm focal point of light but partner up with modern curtains and sheer flowing designs to create a place to use colors and patterns. Create a living room in a basic minimalist design and use the curtain to add a bit of color or pattern. The best part is that the curtains and other accessories are easier to switch out if you feel up to something else in your designs. You know what colors make you feel good – use those in your contemporary bedroom design and you will create your own personal sanctuary.

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