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Modern ideas to accessorize your living room

home 7 300x132 Modern ideas to accessorize your living roomIf you are like most families, your living room is where you really live and play. From a modern console to hold your video game systems, to well-used sofas and coffee tables, sometimes it can be hard to find the right look to accessorize your living room especially when you want to keep it minimal so you don’t have to clean as much. Well-used means messy most times, so its important to find the right shelving system for your walls to add accents to your living room.

The first place to start is your floor. Do you have carpet? Tile? Laminate flooring? Doesn’t matter. Even if you have carpet, a modern shag rug can be stylish and functional. It can set the design tone for the entire room and it can protect your carpet from being stained by use in this high-traffic zone in your home. Don’t be afraid of tables – coffee tables, side tables, consoles, stands and more, especially if they have storage you can use to quickly stowaway clutter if guests are stopping by unannounced. It can also be used to keep you more organized so you don’t have to hide the clutter in the first place!!

Traditionally, most interior design can use the coffee table as a focal point. Place bowls, vases, or other modern accessories such as a unique candle holder on the coffee table in addition to interesting coffee table books and other baroque antiques you can use in modern design.

Some designers like to take the focus of the coffee table by minimizing accessories on the table, and instead using a side table or console as the main focus with a low vase parked next to the console filled with tall fake flowers.  Use the wall next to a sofa to create a unique focal point with a modern accessory called the wall stickers. Stickers are now used as a temporary way to upgrade a room and create a new look. Simple, elegant, wall stickers when used right really create an amazing impression in your modern living room.

Take proper care to design this room and consider keeping the colors of your larger pieces of furniture muted, simpler such as black, brown or white to allow for a changing palette of accessories in your living room. By sticking to basics, they are easier to design around and to create a modern, unique look in your living room, no matter what design technique you decide to use in your living area.

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