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Influence of colors in furniture design: How it affects you

172846e01d4ff353600de1c0f629e324.image .1050x700 300x200 Influence of colors in furniture design: How it affects youMost of us pass through our lives without truly realized how much we are influenced by the colors in the world around us. Only when we find a pattern jarring or a color too bright do we notice its influence. And while many of us definitely know what colors we might like to design our house in, whether its our bedroom,  living room or dining room, we don’t always realize the influence color plays on how we live, play and feel.

For example, what do you think of or feel when you think of the color red? Red can mean passion, but it also can mean excitement, anger, danger, stop. Red could cause us to slow down but it can also jar us if not prepared for the color.

Another popular primary color is blue. Blue is used in accent pieces, in furniture, in paint and in curtains. People associate blue with a calming experience, sometimes an emotional one. Blue also brings a sense of wonder and exploration through the sky and space and ocean. It also can impact the perception of the room’s size. Using a light shade of blue can help a small space in your home appear larger. A lot of people use blue as an accent color in conjunction with other colors to create a pattern.

Popular colors include tans, oranges, even yellows to add a happier accent. Many homeowners use light shades of tans or browns as their base, either in their walls, or in their furniture and then accessorize with a multitude of colorized accessories and accent pieces. Whether it’s a wallpaper border or crown molding to a floor level wall sticker, color is added via the accessories in your modern living room, for example.

White walls paired with black furniture, such as modern black leather sofas or sectionals is a classic look that give people a calming experience because  they recognize the color scheme and it can be soothing to see similar patterns in a place. A doctor’s office or schools traditionally have similar design and colors because of the impact of colors and patterns on a person’s sense of calmness.

Certain colors give off a specific aura, so consult carefully with an interior designer to choose colors and furniture that don’t unknowingly give a negative message to visitors in your home. By pairing the right colors together, you can create a place that everyone looks forward to coming to.

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