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Tips for a modern living room design

IMG 3743 Tips for a modern living room design

The living room is typically the most used room in any family’s modern home. It’s where we live, play, and even sometimes eat. It’s where we gather as a family, for a board game, for some music, to watch a TV show, to lounge on a chair, or even take a nap on a comfy sofa. While some homes have living rooms that look like museums, the average American family home has a well-lived in living room that needs a modern edge with plenty of storage. Here are a few ideas to create a contemporary living room to suit your tastes.

1)      Make sure it displays your personality! Don’t hire an interior designer only to create the look you think you should have. Create the look that suits your personality not someone else’s idea of what is good design. You have to live here and look at the furniture and design every day. You want to be proud of the design you created.

2)      A good paint job in your living room goes a long way. No matter what color your couch is or your table, make sure you have a good paint job using a non-toxic paint. Consider using a knockdown pattern on the walls to add a little texture. If you have kids, consider a neutral color easy to match so if you run out of a paint color, you don’t have to spend a ton of time and money on touchup jobs on the wall.

3)      Consider the room’s use. What furniture do you need to accommodate that use? Sofas? Large sectionals to accommodate a lot of company might work. Or a sleeper sofa for lots of overnight guests. Do you need a TV stand or console for video games or movies? What about a coffee table or ottoman? Storage box or dresser? Consider a small side table for board games.

4)      Add a mirror to one wall for a unique perspective on the room. Place it opposite an interesting painting or a wall sticker. Even make it the focal point of the room instead of the television.

5)      Don’t forget the decorative touches in the room. Add accessories on shelves around the room. Add little sconces to hold candles and look for places to tuck a unique conversation piece. Don’t forget to add a rug, especially if you have tile, to warm up the room a little bit.

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