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Planning a Fourth of July party? Here’s some ideas and tips

deckchair 02 Planning a Fourth of July party? Here’s some ideas and tipsHere are a few tips to get your patio and house ready (outside of pulling weeds) for the upcoming barbeque with family in friends in your backyard.

1)      Start by cleaning the inside, at least the areas that people will pass through. Close bedroom doors and closets, quickly tidying up as you go all the clutter that people leave behind.

2)      Pay close attention to your bathroom nearest your outside patio area since guests will definitely spend some time in here. Take the time to wipe down the tub, grab any dirty clothes or towels, and quickly wipe the counter and mirror down. Don’t forget to check the sides of the toilet, especially if you have young children! And add lots of hand towels or paper towels, and plenty of toilet paper too.

3)      If you have a side console, use it as a buffet to serve up snacks or drinks on.

4)      Clear the walkways where people will be traveling. Outside, make sure there are no planters in the walkway and the outdoor patio tables are clear of debris, especially if you haven’t used the outside area in a while.

5)      If it’s an evening affair, check all your lighting and make sure none are burned out. Check the fans and chandelier lighting too, if you have it. Check your porch lighting as well.

6)      Definitely check the barbeque and make sure it’s clean, again, especially if it hasn’t been used. You don’t want to cook in last season’s BBQ charcoal dust.

7)      Cans and bottles are perfectly acceptable despite the “eco” trend. Just set out a recycling bin by the trash for a modern touch.

8)      Same goes for paper plates. Who wants to do a ton of dishes after a day of fun with family and friends by the pool? Go relax on your lounge chaise instead.

9)      Clean up the patio table and chairs, and definitely snag a few extras if you think you’ll need the extra seating. Lounge chairs are good as well as picnic or outdoor sectional seating.

10)   Make sure you have plenty of napkins and plenty of water. Consider a modern storage box full of extra supplies if you think you’ll need them, but don’t need them on the counter. And of course, make, or buy, plenty of ice to keep things cool.

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